Breaking your balls stops you thinking with them

breakingballs2 300x169 - Breaking your balls stops you thinking with themPrincess Dahlia‘s sub had recently admitted to cheating on her. There’s a way she’s going to stop him thinking with his balls… she’s going to break them. Breaking balls is something she’s good at!

She starts by thrashing his balls with a crop, keeping the useless penis out the way as it’s pinned and squashed under her foot.

She continues with a nasty knotted rope – before upping the ante with some clothes pegs to the ballsack… and then resuming the cropping.

He writhes in pain at this cruel but necessary punishment. He won’t be forgetting who his cock belongs to anytime soon.

As a final reminder, she encases the cock and balls with hot wax – before, again, returning to the cropping.

He’ll be thinking twice in future.


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