About Us

Domestic Femdom is a UK based clip store and production company.   The store launched in June 2019.  Clips are currently released weekly on Clips4Sale and Dominity.

We are based in the North-East of England; but have filmed in locations around the UK.

We believe in a natural evolution. That man has evolved through the eras in order to serve women. While, at one point that might have been to hunt, then work, it’s now a fully domestic Femdom.

The majority of our clips aim for a more Domestic or casual setting.  One of the first series’ we shot was a scenario where a wayward Nephew goes to live with his Auntie. However, he found she is a Dominatrix with a home dungeon. That was one of the angles we wanted to go for.  Likewise, the series with Sir Claire in pyjamas, Dominating the sub while he does housework; part of the idea was that she doesn’t even need to get dressed to assert her Dominance or inflict pain.  There are many similar plans in the future for one-off or mini-series in a similar take.  But, imagine, that person you matched with on Tindr… would it be scary or exciting if you got back to her place and it was a dungeon…?

We are always interested in Dominants to work with, both known/experienced and new to filming – some on this site made their debuts with us while some are very well known.  You can view the featured Dominants page for an idea of who we’ve previously worked with and also visit the contact us page if you wish to drop a line.