A Pegging Threesome To Remember

“You always wanted a threesome!” jokes Valleycat to their husband. They are with Lady Valeska and each has a very special dildo.

Lady Valeska has the long blue stretching dildo, and Valleycat a red Lady Bosom style dildo with ever increasing bead sizes.

They also have a vibrator to tease their cock as they go. And plenty of other means to tease and cause pain! From nipple tweaks to nail teases – it’s a sensation overload in this double pegging.


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After Party Slut – Gimp Gets Roasted

Cate McQueen and Rosarosebud have been to a party. They’ve brought a gimp back and locked him in a cage.
They’re not yet ready for bed so are going to make use of the gimp for their entertainment.

The first thing they need to do is to try to remember which key is which!

Slowly unlocking him they tease and slap him.

When he is released, he can kiss and worship Cate’s heels and Rosa’s big purple boots.

After some shoe worship, they decide to stretch his mouth. Rosa pushes her fingers into his mouth, while Cate is tempted to go straight in with some facefucking.

But this is just warming up the mouth for the next round.

Now that the mouth has been put to work on shoes and boots – the ladies want their strap ons sucked.
He starts gobbling on Rosa’s long purple cock, the ladies just talk while he does this. Some sensual strap on sucking – before it’s ramped up for some deep throat fucking.

Then of course it’s Cate’s turned for hers sucked – Rosa states she enjoys watching how deep he takes the cock in his mouth.

Now we’re getting to the main course.
As he unzips and shows off his arse he sits down on Cate McQueen’s cock. He then bounces and rides, so she doesn’t have to do any work just now.

Once Cate has had enough he then jumps up to ride Rosa’s cock.

Once Rosa has had enough, they have him on the floor – they’re going to spit roast him on the rug.

Firstly, Cate climbs on from behind and takes and fucks him as she rides.
Then it’s Rosa’s turn to have a ride. She climbs on and fucks

And then it’s time for the big finish. Cate climbs on from behind again while Rosa facefucks him with her dildo.

With the gimp now well fucked, there’s only one thing left to do…
Lock him up back in the cage while they go to bed!


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Session Footage : Mistress Cee’s New Toy (Full)

This is session footage involving Mistress Cee.

This is a full length clip, 23 minutes.
Shorter versions involving key activities are available
Latex Shining and Worship
Face Sitting and CBT

The slave starts by shining her latex. She teases him as he shines, shaking her ass, leaning far forwards with her breasts…

The young tattooed Domme wants to make sure this is very shiny and he can see his reflection.

One shined, she prompts him to the floor to start worshipping her feet and heels.

She invites him to worship higher, providing he begs, and rolls up her latex skirt for him to worship up her thighs, and then to her arse – and then – her breasts.

She leads him over to the bench and starts with a hand spanking. She then leaves him, arse up, to return with a flogging and begin a pounding on the arse. She even raises her heel for leverage, to stick into his back as she beats him.

After having enough with the bench, she takes him to the cross and gets more implements.

She has a paddle which reads ‘Bitch’ which she begins to beat him with.
She also has a crop to strike him with as she really beats the ass red and tender.

After a countdown of 20 strikes, she has him open his legs to start striking the crop straight up to the cock and balls. Some CBT punishment to go with the beating.

But then, she drags her sharp nails down his back, leaving harsh marks very quickly.

After another round of spanking, he’s hooked down for a special ‘reward’

Sat down on the floor between the spanking bench, Mistress Cee uses the leverage to push her latex arse into his face, some harsh face sitting.

However, with him sat in an upright position, she has open access to his cock and balls and sets about slapping these. So while he’s struggling to breathe under her arse, she’s making it even more difficult with some CBT.

But the cock and ball slapping is just the beginning. Being in such a prime position, Mistress Cee trods down on the balls with the sharp prod from her Very Prive Louboutin heels.

A few kicks for good measure adds for a harsh finale.


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Extra-Curriculum: Worshipping Teachers Feet

Mx Valleycat invites one of the students into the office for some extra activities.

The student was spotted doing a good job in one of the earlier worship sessions – so – is going to put him to the test.

Valleycat has very sore feet from the teaching all day. So, this student is going to be made to massage and worship the feet.


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Femdom Taxi

It’s a taxi ride to remember.
This unknowing driver picks up Dominatrix Cate McQueen.
He notices her large stick (which is, of course, her cane) and she invites him into the back.

Cate starts to tease the nervous driver, as she puts her dildo into her harness and he says he can’t help but feel weak.
She shows off more of the items in her bag to further taunt the driver.

She then decides, the whole world is her dungeon – so she is now claiming this taxi. It’s now her own personal Femdom Taxi.

“I don’t feel I can say no to you,” he says nervously.

It’s not long before she has him bent over the passenger seat. There’s not much space in the back so she says he’s going to have to get her a bigger taxi!

She slaps him with a strap from her bag before declaring, “I’m going to take your anal virginity”

She them mounts and pegs him right in the back of, what was his, taxi.
“It’s yours Mistress,” he says as she vigorously fucks him. Rocking the whole vehicle. Probably disturbing the neighbourhood.

Making full use of the back, Cate sits down on one of the drop down seats and has the driver sit on her cock to ride her!
All the while he is repeating, “This is a Femdom Taxi now!”

As she rams him and spits on him, she tells him he is a full convert now – and to show it, he now has to suck the cock clean which has been rammed up his arse.
He is very quick to gobble it while she puts her heels up on her newly acquired taxi.


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Nylon Foot Edging To Orgasm

Mx Valleycat and Rosarosebud are both in nylons. Valleycat in stockings and Rosa in pantyhose.
It’s sweaty nylons they’ve been in all day, and they’re going to tease the sub.

Both with sweaty nylon feet in face, and on the cock. Teasing with an edging footjob.

After 10 minutes of edging with the stockings, permission is given for a release – causing a large thick load to shoot onto the sheer nylon feet of Rosa.


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Worshipping Mel Fire in Her Pink Fishnets

Mel Fire is stretching out her long legs, showing off how divine they are in her bright pink fishnets.

She teases her slave with them and has her begin to massage her feet.

She’s a Wrestler and has to keep her legs and feet in good condition.

She instructs her slave to kiss her fishnet feet, to kiss the tops, the soles, her toes.

He takes great care planning kisses on her perfect feet.

She covers his face with both feet and has him inhale. Breathing in the aroma. Getting lost in the divine scent and feet of the red head Goddess.

A sexy and sensual foot worship scene.
“This is your lucky day,” Mel tells him, as she rubs her feet against his feet as he embraces them with delight.


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42 Strikes for Mistress

This sub really doesn’t like caning but does like doing well for Cate McQueen.

She encourages him to pick a nice high number for how many strokes to take and settles on 42.


Cate takes little mercy as she strikes him 42 times across the buttocks and upper thighs.


Much to Miss McQueen’s delight, there are lots of strikes by the time she’s done.


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Playful Barehand Spanking

Mx Valleycat is planning some tag team action with Cate McQueen (who does not appear in this clip) so Valleycat is giving a barehand spanking to their husband, to get the arse nice and warm for Cate’s cane.

This is a quick clip as Valleycat playfully spanks with their bare hands. A confusing counting game is added for hilarity!


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