Testing their Pain

Miss Jessica Hyde and Foxtress want to check the subs pain levels.

The three boys are lined up ready for the inspection.

To begin simply it is a simple numbers test which is often common when trying out new play partners.
So a spank on each and a rating out of 10 of how much they felt it.

This gives the Mistresses and idea of what the boys can take in order to find a good level.

Of course, when you have an idea where the pain tolerance is, this is something which can be worked on and built up.

While it starts with spanking, it moves to a flogger, a crop and a strap.

When it of course starts with 5s and 6s, the idea is to move up to 8s and 9s.

Foxtress gets out the Lego paddle – this is a harsh implement which is designed to push the boys levels.
What starts as a simple pain test ends in a round beating, leaving the boys very red, battered and bruised.

Still. Now the ladies have their levels, they can crank it up next time. For one, that will be very soon.


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Toilet Pervert Used as a Toilet

Miss Anna rushed desperate for the toilet.

When she gets into the cubicle she turns around and notices that someone is watching her!

After he admits he was going to watch her, Miss Anna decides if he likes to watch, he can have a close up!

She has him lay down, and drops her underwear.
She gags him with her underwear before squatting down to release all over his body and cock.

Miss Anna can control her stream so every time he thinks she’s finished there is a surprise burst of more.

Mind – he seems to enjoy this more than she imagined!


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Caned for Graffiti

Miss Cate McQueen has found this student’s name grafitti’d in a book.
After an initial scolding she feels a good caning is in order.

Pulling down his pants, it seems he’s already been caned once this morning.

He’s always in trouble!

Given he wrote his name on page 41 in the book, he’s going to get 41 cane strokes.

This is a much thicker cane than the one he had earlier.

He is left with some really harsh thick lines!


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Teased with Sweaty Feet

Mxtress Valleycat and Mel Fire have a very special treat in store for this foot perv.

They’ve been out partying and come back with very sweaty feet.

Valleycat start by having their size 8 feet massaged before inviting the sub to sniff just how sweaty the feet are.

He then must worship Valleycat’s feet through their fishnet stockings.

Mel Fire is in socks, they’ve absorbed an awful lot of sweat and have a real stench to them. Doesn’t matter, he still must worship and smell.

The two then have the idea to have him lie on the floor. They then use their sweaty feet and socks to smother his face, and to shove down his throat to gag!

The two then decide to do some spitting target practice, before sending him on his way.


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Caned for Snoozing in Detention

After school detention again. This boy hasn’t been focusing, hasn’t been reading the book, so he’s in Miss Anna’s detention to read it in his own time.

Miss Anna turns her back to write on the blackboard and find he’s snoozing in detention! The cheek!

After catching him snoozing a THIRD time – Miss Anna has means to make sure he’s alert, awake and paying attention.

Pants down, over the desk. An old school caning.

Strike after strike will hopefully keep him awake and keep him being a good boy in class.

Though the smile on Miss Anna’s face as we cut away, suggests she may well enjoy finding reasons for more discipline.


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Leather Edging and Ruined Orgasm

Miss Wildfire has been teasing her slave. She is in leather gloves, leather boots, and is teasing the slave in the leather sleep sack. leather edge ruined o title slide 300x169 - Leather Edging and Ruined Orgasm

The slaves cock is erect and ready to blow, but there is going to be more teasing first.

Miss Wildfire sits on his face, smothering him, while teasing the cock even more.
Stroking it with her leather gloves, while smothering the bound slave.

The slave cannot move, Miss Wildfire is in complete control of the cock, of the teasing as she smothers in leather panties.

The cock is teased and edged with the leather.

As it’s edged closer and closer there is the big question… will she permit orgasm, or denial.

Perhaps it’s generous that she does allow the release, but, of course – it’s ruined. A large pool of cum oozes onto the sleep sack, the product of all the teasing.

So now it’s to be recycled, Miss Wildfire scoops it up with her leather gloves and feeds it to the slave over and over again.
The payment for the privilege of cumming.


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Butt Slut Ashtray

Today Cate McQueen has a great idea. She has a large dildo she is going to use to peg the sub, it’s one that stretches so it will get the arsehole nice and wide.butt slut title slide 300x169 - Butt Slut Ashtray

While she’s pegging – she’s also smoking
And, yes… she’s going to use the arse as an ashtray

Ash into the crack and hole as she pegs away.

A different take on ‘every hole’s a goal!’


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Double Trouble Tickling and Scratching

Foxtress and Mxtress Valleycat call in their sub.  They want a laugh, at his expense, and they do have nice fresh nails.double trouble tick scratch title slide 300x169 - Double Trouble Tickling and Scratching

They’re going to get to work tickling him!

Nowhere is safe as they tickle his feet, his pits, his chest and more.  He is very ticklish, so he squirms around on the floor.

Of course, tickling isn’t the only thing nails are good for…

The duo sink their nails in to him and scratch him with their beautiful, long nails.


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Leather Mistress’ Workshop Pegging

The slave is working away in the workplace, as Miss Anna walks in in full leathers.leather mistress workshop pegging title slide 300x169 - Leather Mistress' Workshop Pegging

She starts to bind his arms as she explains she knows what he’s been up to when he’s supposed to be working.

Miss Anna bends him over a pile of bags as she lubes up her pink dildo.

She slides the dildo in and pegs the slave right over bags of dry wall adhesive.

After she is satisfied and the arse is warmed up, she returns with a larger dildo to take this the next level up.
A lucky anal slut.

Miss Anna takes a seat on a workbench, she slips off her leather jacket and has the slave come to ride on her dildo.

To finish, she returns to him bent over, this time over the work bench as she slides in for the last round of pegging.


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