Electric CBT Fun

Sir Claire Black straps her slave into the chair. There’s no escape for what comes next. She is going to have some fun with electric CBT.

With his cock and balls helpless and exposed she takes to them with her violet wand. He screams in pain as the sharp zaps pierce his hapless cock.

There’s no mercy and no escape from this cruel fun.


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Breaking your balls stops you thinking with them

breakingballs2 300x169 - Breaking your balls stops you thinking with themPrincess Dahlia‘s sub had recently admitted to cheating on her. There’s a way she’s going to stop him thinking with his balls… she’s going to break them. Breaking balls is something she’s good at!

She starts by thrashing his balls with a crop, keeping the useless penis out the way as it’s pinned and squashed under her foot.

She continues with a nasty knotted rope – before upping the ante with some clothes pegs to the ballsack… and then resuming the cropping.

He writhes in pain at this cruel but necessary punishment. He won’t be forgetting who his cock belongs to anytime soon.

As a final reminder, she encases the cock and balls with hot wax – before, again, returning to the cropping.

He’ll be thinking twice in future.


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Electric Ball Torture – Electric CBT

elecball4 300x169 - Electric Ball Torture - Electric CBTMistress Aleera is meeting a new slave for some electric CBT.

Finding him ready and restrained in a cage – she takes great delight in attaching metal ball weights to him – and an electric circuit.

She has great pleasure playing with the electrics – giving him pain and making him squirm and squeal.

She also has good access to be able to kick and add weight to the ball weight – giving extra pressure.

This is a multi-camera clip including a ball cam!  So there’s close up action as the weight swings and applies pain.


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Busted in Slippers

sirclaire ballbusting 3 300x247 - Busted in SlippersWhile Sir Claire is still enjoying being able to have fun tormenting her slave without having to get out of her pyjamas, she is annoyed he has slipped up and not washed the cup from her tea.

So, given he found the trampling in slippers surreal, what will he make of ballbusting in them?

Despite being soft and fluffy, her kicks are not – they’re hard and precise.

Starting against the wall, she then has him spread legs with some shots from behind, then finally a few hoofs while he’s on the floor.

Maybe that’ll teach him to skimp on duties.


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