Her Love of Leather

This is about leather. Particularly Miss Wildfire’s leather fetish.
She loves leather.
She is in leather boots, leather gloves, leather hat
and has a a slave in a leather sack and leather hood.

Even just stroking the sleep sack, the feeling of leather on leather, gets Miss Wildfire excited, while also teasing the slave.

She teases the cock through the leather and then decides to loosen the area around the cock, slipping out out so it’s the only visible flesh of the slave.

She loves teasing the slave with her leather gloves, while having him under strict control not to cum.
It looks like it’s about to burst, but that’s tough – there’s not going to be a release, only objectification.

The slave is immobilised, cannot move, but only be objectified as part of her love of leather.


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Breaking His Caning Record

This is a direct follow up from a flogging that this sub has received. Now Cate McQueen is going to cane him 30 times, this is more than he has been caned before.

Cate does not go easy on him as she strikes him rapidly with the hard cane leaving stripes and welts.

It will have to be more next time.


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Fierce Double Team Flogging

Cate McQueen and Mx Valleycat want to give their sub a flogging. They have a flogger each, Valleycat having a heavy leather flogger, while Cate has a harsh PVC flogger.Fierce Flogging Title slide 300x169 - Fierce Double Team Flogging

There’s a mixture of stings and thuds as the two thrash the sub. A harsh double team.


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Electro: Screaming Hurts You More

A team building exercise. A shared experience. Miss Jessica Hyde has the two subs tied together by rope.screaming hurts you more title 300x169 - Electro: Screaming Hurts You More

She also has them connected by wires. A simple flick of the button sends pulsing electrics through their bodies, straight through their cocks.

Sometimes this can feel nice… and sometimes… well… sometimes it can feel like it’s going to burn their cocks off.

Miss Jessica loves to play with her toys. Whether the toys are electrics… or the boys.

She switches the settings, so it responds to noise. This means if she increases the volume she is speaking, it increases the electric feeling going to the boys. And if they scream because it hurts, it only hurts them more.

In fact. If either boy makes a noise, it hurts them both.

Of course, like any game of control there are distractions. Whether this is Miss Jessica deliberately talking to the microphone, or if she is tormenting the boys. Twisting their nipples, caning their cocks, or even the softest touches to tease their cocks.

A lesson in self-control.


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Bullied in the Bathroom

I mean, we’ve all done it, accidentally walked into the wrong toilets.
But, while it might normally be an “oops” and walk out – Cate McQueen and Rosarosebud are not going to let him walk out after catching them pissing!

So they drag and kick him into the cubical, and wedgie his pants before flushing his head into the pissy pan.

And this is only the start of the torment!
More and more headflushing, spitting, kicking, slapping – more wedgies!

He thinks he’s being allowed out of the toilet only for Rosarosebud to spit her chewing gum onto the floor, trample it under her trainer and have him chew it from her trainer.
His head is pushed to the dirty floor as the two brats bully and spit on him.

This is harsh humiliation as the two torment him before sending him back to the class a mess, and still, presumably, needing a piss!


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Preview :


Finding His Tickle Spots

This sub seems to say he’s not that ticklish – but Miss Jessica Hyde and Mxtress Valleycat seem to think they can disprove this.

Running their sharp fingernails across the body there is a lot of resistance from the sub as he tries to hide his reactions.

Of course, it’s difficult to keep hidden from two craft and seductive Dominants as they get the reactions from him.


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Filthy Boots for a Filthy Mind

Miss Anna has a slave to inspect.filthy boots title slide 300x169 - Filthy Boots for a Filthy Mind
He has missed her boots. Which is apt, because they’re filthy – just like his mind.

So although this is boot worship, it is also a punishment. To clean the filth from her boots.

She sits down and calls over the boot slave, he can then slowly start to clean the dirt from her leather thigh high boots.
But only after he has begged for it.

Although he does need a lot of correction. Instructed to give a kiss, he gives two!

Miss Anna loves to tease with her boots, she adds a lot of spit for him to clean off – it’s almost like supplying the shine.

As he cleans and worships the boots, she finishes with having him gag on her long leather boots.


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Smoking in Leather Opera Gloves

Miss Wildfire’s long leather Opera Gloves have one thing missing.Smoking in Leather Opera Gloves title slide 300x169 - Smoking in Leather Opera Gloves
A cigarette.
The slave reaches for one, places it in her hand and lights it.

This is going to be about mesmerisation. Miss Wildfire smokes, making her sub into her smoking slave as she sensually teases with her leather gloves and smoke.

Smoke blown in his face, the smell of the smoke and leather.

Even when the cigarette is finished, it is simply time for another cigarette.


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Her New Anal Slut

Rosarosebud has a new sub to try out. She wants to do some pegging, and he is an anal slut – so, this is perfect!
Rosa starts by having him suck her dildo. He’s greedy getting all the way down the shaft.
He’s not just an anal slut he’s a deep throat slut – the best of both worlds!

She straps him down to the bench, ready to fuck his arse.

Her fingers slide straight in as she warms up the arsehole ready to slip in her cock.

And there we go – he didn’t need to tell her that he was an anal slut, it’s obvious by the gape and his noises!

After a good fucking there definitely needs to be a bigger one next time!


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Cane O’clock

The subs have patiently waited for Miss Jessica Hyde and Miss Cate McQueen to return.Cane O Clock title slide 300x169 - Cane O’clock

“It’s Cane o’clock” exclaims Miss Cate excitedly.

The two ladies are both caning enthusiasts and show no mercy as they work their way through their canes across the bottoms of their two subs.

Some beautiful canes, including Miss Jessica’s smoked dragon cane, leave some beautiful welts across the sub’s backsides.

Two very content Mistresses from two harsh canings.


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Hot Summer Feet

The hot summer days always put extra strain on feet.
And Mx Valleycat and Echo Evangelista really have sore, sweaty and dirty feet.

They also have a foot slut – and he can be put to work massaging and easing the pain from the hardworking feet.

Putting in work and improving technique, does earn a little reward.
The opportunity to worship both feet!

From the huge size 8 (UK) of Mxtress Valleycat to the smaller feet of Echo – and opportunity to worship.
Though, both have matching red toe nails.

Of course, the feet are grubby from the dungeon floors and general heat, sweat and grime so an opportunity to clean this up

Plenty of toesucking is also the order of the day, including seeing how many toes can be shoved into the mouth.


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A Trick: Apple Bobbing Surprise

Hallowe’en is the season for trick or treat. Miss Cate McQueen has called in Blacksheep for some one-on-one apple bobbing.A trick title slide 300x169 - A Trick: Apple Bobbing Surprise

It becomes obvious it’s not water coating the apples – Miss Cate has pissed over the apples and is still going to have his head in the bucket with the piss-soaked apples.


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