Foot Worship in the Waterfall

Cate McQueen relaxes by the waterfall. They are having their feet worshipped by their sub that is in the waterfall.
Of course, with the sadistic tendencies of Cate McQueen, she can and will use her feet to push, and hold, his head underwater – he is soon drenched and gasping for breath.

Relaxing and unleashing some cruel tendencies, a perfect break for Cate.


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Warm Armpit Worship

It’s been a long day – and – that usually means, a lot of sweat.
Mx Valleycat has very sweaty armpits and is going to gladly have their husband sniff, lick and kiss their very sweaty, hairy, armpits


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Fortune Teller Forfeits

Rosarosebud has made a fortune teller game to play with Cate McQueen and some of the boys.

Rosa explains the rules of the playground game.  You pick a colour, a number, another number and then the fortune teller opens to reveals your prize or forfeit.

Given Rosa built the game, there’s suspicions it may favour the ladies – they seem to win while the boys seem to lose.

We have one guy who has to find out who has the smelliest socks.  Another gets a round of face slapping.  Cate wins the choice of who she wants to spit on, but making sure she gets a gross mouthful of snacks first while Rosa gets to give a humiliating wedgie.

The slightly dirtier and kinkier version of the playground game.


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Tickled by the Teachers

It’s time for the dreaded uniform check with Miss Cate and Mx Valleycat, the school’s strict teachers. As the students line up and present themselves for inspection, it becomes clear that most have met the standard. However, one student catches the teachers’ attention for all the wrong reasons. He stands before them wearing shorts that are far too short for school standards and his socks are mismatched and pulled up in a way that seems almost intentional.
The teachers are left wondering what could possibly be going through this student’s mind. They decide to take action, and call him over to the desk. Without hesitation, they pull him over the desk, yanking off his socks and shoes in one swift motion. They have decided to administer a tickling punishment as they believe he is very ticklish. As they begin tickling his bare feet, the student writhes and squirms, laughing uncontrollably as his ticklishness is mercilessly exploited by the teachers.

No part is safe as they move on to tickle around his body and find other spots to tickle!


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After Party Slut – Gimp Gets Roasted

Cate McQueen and Rosarosebud have been to a party. They’ve brought a gimp back and locked him in a cage.
They’re not yet ready for bed so are going to make use of the gimp for their entertainment.

The first thing they need to do is to try to remember which key is which!

Slowly unlocking him they tease and slap him.

When he is released, he can kiss and worship Cate’s heels and Rosa’s big purple boots.

After some shoe worship, they decide to stretch his mouth. Rosa pushes her fingers into his mouth, while Cate is tempted to go straight in with some facefucking.

But this is just warming up the mouth for the next round.

Now that the mouth has been put to work on shoes and boots – the ladies want their strap ons sucked.
He starts gobbling on Rosa’s long purple cock, the ladies just talk while he does this. Some sensual strap on sucking – before it’s ramped up for some deep throat fucking.

Then of course it’s Cate’s turned for hers sucked – Rosa states she enjoys watching how deep he takes the cock in his mouth.

Now we’re getting to the main course.
As he unzips and shows off his arse he sits down on Cate McQueen’s cock. He then bounces and rides, so she doesn’t have to do any work just now.

Once Cate has had enough he then jumps up to ride Rosa’s cock.

Once Rosa has had enough, they have him on the floor – they’re going to spit roast him on the rug.

Firstly, Cate climbs on from behind and takes and fucks him as she rides.
Then it’s Rosa’s turn to have a ride. She climbs on and fucks

And then it’s time for the big finish. Cate climbs on from behind again while Rosa facefucks him with her dildo.

With the gimp now well fucked, there’s only one thing left to do…
Lock him up back in the cage while they go to bed!


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Femdom Taxi

It’s a taxi ride to remember.
This unknowing driver picks up Dominatrix Cate McQueen.
He notices her large stick (which is, of course, her cane) and she invites him into the back.

Cate starts to tease the nervous driver, as she puts her dildo into her harness and he says he can’t help but feel weak.
She shows off more of the items in her bag to further taunt the driver.

She then decides, the whole world is her dungeon – so she is now claiming this taxi. It’s now her own personal Femdom Taxi.

“I don’t feel I can say no to you,” he says nervously.

It’s not long before she has him bent over the passenger seat. There’s not much space in the back so she says he’s going to have to get her a bigger taxi!

She slaps him with a strap from her bag before declaring, “I’m going to take your anal virginity”

She them mounts and pegs him right in the back of, what was his, taxi.
“It’s yours Mistress,” he says as she vigorously fucks him. Rocking the whole vehicle. Probably disturbing the neighbourhood.

Making full use of the back, Cate sits down on one of the drop down seats and has the driver sit on her cock to ride her!
All the while he is repeating, “This is a Femdom Taxi now!”

As she rams him and spits on him, she tells him he is a full convert now – and to show it, he now has to suck the cock clean which has been rammed up his arse.
He is very quick to gobble it while she puts her heels up on her newly acquired taxi.


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Butt Slut Ashtray

Today Cate McQueen has a great idea. She has a large dildo she is going to use to peg the sub, it’s one that stretches so it will get the arsehole nice and wide.butt slut title slide 300x169 - Butt Slut Ashtray

While she’s pegging – she’s also smoking
And, yes… she’s going to use the arse as an ashtray

Ash into the crack and hole as she pegs away.

A different take on ‘every hole’s a goal!’


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Bullied in the Bathroom

I mean, we’ve all done it, accidentally walked into the wrong toilets.
But, while it might normally be an “oops” and walk out – Cate McQueen and Rosarosebud are not going to let him walk out after catching them pissing!

So they drag and kick him into the cubical, and wedgie his pants before flushing his head into the pissy pan.

And this is only the start of the torment!
More and more headflushing, spitting, kicking, slapping – more wedgies!

He thinks he’s being allowed out of the toilet only for Rosarosebud to spit her chewing gum onto the floor, trample it under her trainer and have him chew it from her trainer.
His head is pushed to the dirty floor as the two brats bully and spit on him.

This is harsh humiliation as the two torment him before sending him back to the class a mess, and still, presumably, needing a piss!


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Preview :


Red Light Green Light Pegging

Let the shame begin! The Squid Shame
Young-hee (played by Cate McQueen) is going to start a special game of red light, green light.

You know the rules. Green light, the contestants can move across the room. Red light, they must stop.
If they don’t stop, well…

The doll hoists them over the finish line and pegs them. Contestant 067 loses this round and is the first to be fucked by the creepy Young-hee.


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The Squid Shame – Cum in Chastity Game

Let the shame begin! The Squid Shame.Cum in Chastity Game 000024 300x169 - The Squid Shame - Cum in Chastity Game

Two Young-hee’s (Cate McQueen and Mx Valleycat) have a contestant, 067 (sub M), in for a bonus round.

He did well in a previous game, so has been given an orgasm. However, because this is The Squid Shame, he is going to cum in chastity.

The two have a doxy which has very cruel settings.  This means it’s a high setting, cruel programs and 10 minutes of edging and taunting before the cum oozes out of the cage.

However. The two aren’t done yet, and continue with the vibrator even after ejaculation for a round of post orgasm torment!

Finally, he is left in his own mess until the next game!


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Cleaning Chav Mistress’ Dirty Feet

The morning after the party and the flat is filthy, and so is Cate McQueen’s feet.chav mistress title slide 300x169 - Cleaning Chav Mistress' Dirty Feet

She gets her dirty foot boy to come and lick the dirt, grime and filth from her feet while she edits photos on her phone and ignores him.

She even takes a phone call to gossip while continuing to ignore him, other than to remind him just how disgusting this is.


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School Bullies Make the Perfect Loser Sandwich

I mean, is this not the saddest thing anyone has ever seen?

This guy sitting eating his lunch in the classroom by himself, and it is just the saddest sandwich for the saddest loser.

Plain cheese, with no mayo – it’s not even got butter!

So, when bullies Cate McQueen and Rosarosebud discover this, they’re going to have a lot of fun.

Starting by spitting on the sandwich, smearing cheese across his face, spitting on him and ramming the sad bread into his mouth until he gags.

Lunch is much more fun with people!

Rosarosebud picks up one slice of the bread and smears it into her armpits and pussy. Fresh from gym so full of sweat.  The smell alone is enough to make him gag – but she rams it into his mouth anyway!

Unbelievably, he actually eat it – maybe he loves it, the perv.

With a face full of spit, Cate McQueen thinks this will be great to help cheese stick to his face, before Rosarosebud decorates him with gum!

Cate McQueen climbs onto the desk to stomp and trample the last bit of sandwich and has the loser eat the last bit from her dirty trainers.


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The Squid Shame – Trampled by the Doll

Let the shame begin! The Squid ShameTrampled by the Doll 000086 300x169 - The Squid Shame - Trampled by the Doll

Young-hee (played by Mx Valleycat) doesn’t believe that contestant 456 (eyemblacksheep) is the real 456.

So, there is a special bonus round to test that it is the real 456.

Young-hee orders 456 to the ground. The real 456 was big and strong – so Young-hee is going to stand on 456 and make sure he can take the weight.

The sentient doll weighs 17 stone and tramples and stomps on 456 on both sides to test the strength and endurance.  456 does go a little purple under the weight.

At the end, Young-hee still isn’t convinced it’s the real 456 – however, the contestant survived, so may as well continue with the Squid Shames.

Intense heavy full weight trampling.


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Clean and Gag on Our Sweaty Armpits

It’s a warm day and Cate McQueen and Mx Valleycat are getting very sweaty.  They invite in two subs to clean, lick and worship their arm pits.Clean and Gag on Our Sweaty Armpits.00 01 45 17.Still003 300x169 - Clean and Gag on Our Sweaty Armpits

These are genuinely unpleasant, and very sweaty – one sub literally gags on the sweat.

This just amuses them while they’re put back to work on the armpit.


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Pissing on His Cock

Cate McQueen caught this sub masturbating without permission.  So the punishment she is going to go for is to have him wank into her piss.Pissing on His Cock.00 00 19 09.Still003 300x169 - Pissing on His Cock

She positions herself above his cock and leaks out a humiliating warm stream onto his cock and balls.

Even after this she is not, she has him masturbate, in the piss, whilst licking her shoes.

Perhaps this degradation will teach him a thing or two?


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The Squid Shame – Pegged by the Doll

Let the shame begin! The Squid ShamePegged by the Doll 000095 300x169 - The Squid Shame - Pegged by the Doll

Young-hee (played by Cate McQueen) is going to start another round of red light, green light.

Contestant 456 starts well, but is caught on a red light.  You know the penalty for red light?

The doll hoists them over the finish line and pegs them.  Contestant 456 is fucked by Young-hee.

It’s a hard fucking which leads to a well fucked loser


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The Squid Shame – Ruined Sweaty Sock Orgasm

Let the shame begin! The Squid Shame.Ruined Sweaty Sock Orgasm 000025 300x169 - The Squid Shame - Ruined Sweaty Sock Orgasm

Two Young-hee’s (Cate McQueen and Mx Valleycat) have a contestant, 456 (eyemblacksheep), in for a bonus round.

They start by strapping him into the gyno chair before explaining the game.

The first Young-Hee (Cate) shows off her white socks. They’re very sweaty from all of the games.

456 is gagged with one of the sweaty socks.  The other is placed over his cock.  The humiliation of white frilly socks over the cock.

Then what follows is the vibrator on the cock. Set to a cruel setting to edge and tease 456.  This is not a pleasant edging/

As it gets closer and closer to release, there is of course a cruel twist. The vibrator is removed just at ejaculation, which ruins the orgasm.  It goops helplessly into the sweaty sock.

As a final humiliation the first sock is removed from the mouth, and the cock sock is then the new gag – placed into the mouth, cum first, as 456 is left until the next games.


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Teacher Disciplined by Head Mistress

Teacher Disciplined by Head Mistress 34 300x169 - Teacher Disciplined by Head MistressDetention is finished for the day, but there is one more person that Headmistress Cate McQueen needs to deal with. The Geography Teacher, Mr Rogers, has been struggling with his class and their grades have been the lowest in the school. Not only that, but he has been administering excessive punishment to his students, which is not only inappropriate but also unacceptable.

Headmistress Cate, determined to address this issue, has an idea. Perhaps punishments should be reserved not just for the students who underperform, but also for the teachers who fail to meet the standards of the school.

With a stern look on her face, she calls Mr Rogers over to her desk. Without hesitation, she grabs his own belt and bends him over the desk. The teacher is shocked, but he is powerless to resist. The headmistress starts by whacking him with his own belt, the leather making a loud crack as it strikes his backside.

But that’s just the start. Headmistress Cate also has a metal rod in her hand, which she uses to further discipline the hapless teacher. The abysmal teacher is spanked with his own belt, and the harsh metal rod, leaving him crying and begging for mercy. Perhaps this punishment will serve as a wake-up call and will improve his performance in the future.


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Eat Cum for Head Mistress’ Feet

Previously this student had been in trouble with Head Mistress Cate McQueen for having her socks in his drawer.Eat Cum from Head Mistress Feet 29 300x169 - Eat Cum for Head Mistress' Feet

She thinks he is a dirty foot fetishist, so is going to put this to the test.

Will he be able to resist the dangle of her heels, teasing with her bare feet.

Dangled in front of his face and showing off her sparkly toes, she notices there is activity in his trousers.

So, of course, she has him unzip his pants and grovel and wank at her feet.  He masturbates onto the floor while being made to look at the Head Mistress’ feet.

Of course, being a filthy fetishist, Miss Cate will teach a lesson – she pushes his face into the load of cum on the floor and has him lick it off the dirty floor.


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Sock Sniffer Made into Cum Eater

There has been a thief in school!   Miss Cate’s socks have gone missing again.  She never seems to be able to find them after PE.Sock Sniffer Made into Cum Eater 83 300x169 - Sock Sniffer Made into Cum Eater

So, there is going to be a desk inspection with Miss Cate and Mx Valleycat.

While the first of the boys have little more than a collection of porn (we’ll deal with them later!) the socks are indeed found.

While there is denial that he is the socks thief, the planned punishment shows it up very quickly.

Made to smell the socks in front of the class, there is a visible erection below the pants!

This pervert gets hard sniffing smelling socks!

So this whimpering student is going to put this erection to use.   Made to pull his pants down and is going to masturbate onto the desk while the sweaty socks are in his face.

The cum shot on the desk pretty much concludes the theory and the humiliation – but it’s not over yet.

He is going to have to eat the cum up off the desk.   This punishment should be a deterrent.


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