Film with us

Having already had some wonderful collaborations, we are very open to more.  So here is some information.

Film Subs

Please join our mailing list.  If we have a date advertised then instructions on how to apply will be there.  Joining the mailing list means details (including requirements, expected activities, whether a mask is possible) of days you can apply to film will be direct in your inbox.  Your age, appearance, experience (in filming), so on – generally doesn’t matter.  Your attitude does matter.  That is subs we can say we’re pleased to have had, who’ve made a positive contribution to the shoots and, well, done what they said they would.  Doing this also demonstrates your ability to follow instructions.  A valuable skill.   Please note; we also use the mailing list to send news of our latest clips.


We want to keep working with some of the wonderful people we’ve already shot with, but are also open to working with others.
We are largely working on a shared content basis and are happy to sort editing the clips, sourcing film slaves (though you’re also welcome to use your own), promoting you via this website and the store and more.  You can see here who we’ve already worked with.

We’ve filmed with Dominants who are experienced, and those that are new. With those who’ve never filmed before and those who have filmed a lot. We’re interested in working with a diverse range of Dominants. Again, the most important trait is attitude.

We are based in the North-East and have a large premises in Hartlepool with home dungeon we can use.  If you are travelling we may also be able to assist with accommodation.

We have also used apartments and suites which remains an option.

We are also happy to come to you – the majority of our shoots have taken place around the UK and we’re happy this will continue.

If content share doesn’t work for you, what does?
Contact us to talk.


We are open to collaborations with studios large and small.
What we bring to the table – several years experience in fetish and BDSM and experience in fetish and BDSM filming since March 2016.
We have a lot of connections and a growing following as a name/brand.  We’ve worked with many amazing Dominants of different levels of experience and reputation.
We want to work with others where there is shared benefits – be it the additional promotion we can do with you and of course sharing costs and resources.

As well as doing joint shoots with other Femdom producers, we’re also up for the idea of cross-over with others.

Interested? Let’s discuss what works for us both. Contact us to talk.