Punishment Time – Spanking

It’s time for a round of punishments for these two subs.punishment time spanking slide 300x169 - Punishment Time - Spanking
Miss Jessica Hyde and Mxtress Valleycat call them in. They start by cleaning the equipment down before they climb on.

Today’s punishment is going to be a spanking. The two subs spanked by the two Dominants.

Valleycat begins with bare hands, while Miss Jessica begins with leather gloves. Miss Jessica slips these off for a harder spanking.

As well as the hard spanking, the two tease their beaten bums with their nails.

The punishment is finished with a round of paddling. Leaving both subs very red.


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Red Light Green Light Pegging

Let the shame begin! The Squid Shame
Young-hee (played by Cate McQueen) is going to start a special game of red light, green light.

You know the rules. Green light, the contestants can move across the room. Red light, they must stop.
If they don’t stop, well…

The doll hoists them over the finish line and pegs them. Contestant 067 loses this round and is the first to be fucked by the creepy Young-hee.


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Dirty Toilet Piss Slut

Sub JayJay doesn’t get off to a good start – he’s got so many Mistresses on his mind he calls Rosarosebud the wrong name!dirty toilet title slide - Dirty Toilet Piss Slut

They’re in a very dirty grimy toilet – and Rosa is going to piss on him on the floor.

She pisses directly onto his cock. So much piss!

JayJay is in his element.  Although this is just the beginning.

Rosa takes off her boots while telling him how much she loves pissing on cocks.  She then rubs her feet into his cock and rubs her feet right in the piss.

JayJay is also into feet, so, he is going to clean the piss from her sweaty feet.

Sucking piss from her toes.


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Caged, Restrained and Taunted with Feet

Miss Jessica Hyde and Foxtress have two cages, each with a sub in.caged title slide 300x169 - Caged, Restrained and Taunted with Feet
Each sub is tied by the balls to the back of the cage. This means if they are to pull forward, say to try to worship feet, it will bring pain to the balls.

Equally, if the ladies happen, to, well, pull on the tie – same result.

One sub is tied to his cage by the nipples. Meaning pull or movement brings pain. While the other is cuffed awkwardly, making movement very restrictive.

Being lured by the shoes and feet of the two beautiful ladies, it is going to bring pain and strain as they try to get the feet they so reward.

For extra hilarity. When the two subs are defeated in pain. Their cage doors are opened, and they are welcome to try to get out.

The ladies laugh and taunt as the two defeated subs try to get themselves free.


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Busted for the First Time

This boy has never been ballbusted! So, Cate McQueen is going to administer 30 kicks to ‘introduce’ him to it.busted title slide 300x169 - Busted for the First Time

Despite being his first time, she shows little mercy as she boots his balls in stocking feet.

Of course, he can’t help but crumple to the floor. But, all that happens is he’s told to stand back up so the kicks can continue.


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A Bigger Dildo To Peg Husband

Recently, Mx Valleycat did their first pegging clip with their husband.  They did promise this might be the way things are from now on, so it’s time for another round.a bigger dildo title slide 300x169 - A Bigger Dildo To Peg Husband

Starting with the purple dildo, there is a little bit of a surprise coming.

The purple dildo slips out a little too easily – so it’s time to go a bit bigger.

This is a huge dildo, designed to stretch open the arsehole.  There are big moans as it slides all the way in and pulls the hole open.

No think about anything but the big dildo spreading him open.  It certainly reaches a spot.

By the end, Valleycat is impressed by just how much of this cock he takes.  Maybe it’s time to go further again.


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Master Xena Compilation Vol 1

This is a complete run through of the play time in full that previous clips were taken from.Master Xena collection title 300x169 - Master Xena Compilation Vol 1
Single take with just one cut where the lighter couldn’t be found.

Returning to find their slave in the cage, Master Xena wants some work and entertainment from him.

While she likes him in the cage, he is unlocked to give easier access to clean the dirty boots with his tongue.

The dirt and grime is visible as he works on the shoes, licking and slurping to get the mud and muck off.

Deciding she wants a seat, Xena has him as a stool to step upon before he works on the soles now she is sat.

This round of servitude ends when he is used as a foot rest to the boots.

Whilst using their slave as a foot rest, Master Xena finds this is easy and fun access to flog his bottom.

He is pressed under the boots and flogged.

Xena wants easier access to stand him up to flog him over the cage. There are yelps as the strikes get harder and harder.

Xena of course is having a lot of fun.
Perhaps disappointed he is not ticklish, Xena instead scratches with their nails, admiring the boot print from earlier torment, before returning to harder strikes with the flogger. That is, until, a bigger flogger is brought out…

Having administered a flogging, Master Xena decides the sub can get to work massaging their feet.

Brought to the floor the boots are removed and instructions are to massage the feet.

This is no kissing, or worship, just massaging her beautiful, sore, sweaty, feet.

Such a good job makes Xena almost think they could be kinder to the slave, but then Xena remembers the slave is a man so doesn’t need kindness

Having relaxed with a foot massage, Master Xena now wishes to relax with a cigar.

Of course, with a cigar there needs to be an ashtray, the slave is to be their human ashtray.

Having the slave open the cigar, then light, he must sit patiently and be used for the hot ash and waste from the cigar.
There are sizzles as some of the hot ash hits the mouth and tongue.

Of course, when Xena has had enough of the cigar, there is only one place to extinguish it on the slaves tongue.

“Every man deserves pain, because women are superior”

“Up you get, bend over, I’m going to have fun whipping you”, Master Xena props up the slave and has him bent again over the cage as she goes harder than ever and strikes not just the arse but the legs and back.

Of course, so much work causes pain to their shoulders, so Xena breaks the torment to massage their neck and shoulders – before the beating resumes.

Lots of groans and yelps for this hard finish.


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Sharing a Cigarette

Can’t say Rosarosebud isn’t a kind Domme. Rosa is going to share a cigarette with their sub.sharing a cigarette title slide 300x169 - Sharing a Cigarette

Of course, ‘sharing’ is, well… Rosa gets to smoke the cigarette, and the sub gets to breathe in the smoke and also have the ash flicked into his mouth.

Of course, to finish, there’s a lot of sloppy spit and the cigarette extinguished onto the tongue.


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Electric Cum Therapy

Miss Jessica Hyde and Miss Cate McQueen have a sub who, well, he cums a little too quickly.Electric Cum Therapy Title 300x169 - Electric Cum Therapy

So, they’re going to do some training with him.

He is going to be fit with electrics and tormented with the e-stim.

Then he is going to wank.  He is going to associate cumming with pain.

To make things more humiliating, he has a condom placed on his cock.  He is finding it all too much with the pain.

A very cruel wank!

The two teases him with their boots – so close!  And when, of course, he cums – well – there’s extra shocks in the cock!

Of course, ejaculating into a condom does mean that it’s much easier to recycle, as it finishes with him being fed his own cum.

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