Husband Pegged in the Sling

Believe it or not, Valleycat doesn’t peg their husband that often.  They prefer to use a sling for many reasons, and so used to use one in a local sex club when it had a fetish night.husband pegged title slide 300x169 - Husband Pegged in the Sling

So, being in a dungeon which has a sling it means, of course, there is going to be pegging and it is going to be an opportunity to get it on film.

The playful dynamics in the clip represents their genuine relationship.  Though, Valleycat enjoying the rare pegging so much that perhaps there’ll be no longer any use for their husband’s cock.

Will this be the only way for sex from now on?


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Latex Sock Trampling

Starting by running her latex socks against the subs mouth, she teases that today he is going to be her carpet.Latex Sock Title slide 300x169 - Latex Sock Trampling

“I think my foot is as bout big as your face is,” she says as she tramples across his body checking the trample spots.

Lady Valeska is going to have a lot of fun trampling, bouncing and dominating this human carpet.

He struggles as she tramples his front and back, but this just makes Lady Valeska laugh as she has fun trampling and bouncing in her latex socks.  She even has a break to tickle his sides as he’s helpless under her knees.


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Foot Worship Pleasure. Blue Balls Pain.

Miss Jessica is with Slave B. He has pleased her today.  So, as a treat he is going to be permitted to do his favourite thing, which is worship her feet.foot worship pleasure title slide 300x169 - Foot Worship Pleasure. Blue Balls Pain.

He is even permitted to worship with his mouth, to start kissing her toes.

He’s almost overwhelmed by the opportunity!

She permits him to lie on his back and worship one foot, while she teases and plays with his cock with the other.  Which, well, is a way she can warm her cold feet.

She has been going to permit him an orgasm. Teasing him as of if he’d be allowed a full orgasm or a ruined one.

However, despite being teased by both of her perfect, size 8, feet, he doesn’t manage to cum in the time limit given, so he may have the treat of foot worship – but time run out, so he’s sent away teased to the point of orgasm, but without release.   Sent home with blue balls!


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The Squid Shame – Cum in Chastity Game

Let the shame begin! The Squid Shame.Cum in Chastity Game 000024 300x169 - The Squid Shame - Cum in Chastity Game

Two Young-hee’s (Cate McQueen and Mx Valleycat) have a contestant, 067 (sub M), in for a bonus round.

He did well in a previous game, so has been given an orgasm. However, because this is The Squid Shame, he is going to cum in chastity.

The two have a doxy which has very cruel settings.  This means it’s a high setting, cruel programs and 10 minutes of edging and taunting before the cum oozes out of the cage.

However. The two aren’t done yet, and continue with the vibrator even after ejaculation for a round of post orgasm torment!

Finally, he is left in his own mess until the next game!


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Fucked in the Sink

Goddess Cleo has the sub in the kitchen.  She can and will fuck the subs anywhere anyhow.Fucked in the Sink Title Slide 300x169 - Fucked in the Sink

This one is fucked with his head in the sink, “you’re being sunk at both ends!” she jokes.

First time he’s ever fucked in the kitchen, so a virginity taken as the room is christened.


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Breathe in My Long Leather Gloves

Miss Jessica Hyde tantalizes the submissive with her long, sleek leather gloves, teasing their senses with the smooth texture, intoxicating aroma, and seductive sensations they bring.breathe in my long leather gloves title 300x169 - Breathe in My Long Leather Gloves

The submissive quivers and weakens under her touch, accentuated by the hushed whispers in her voice that create an ASMR-like effect.

As she holds the gloves above the submissive’s mouth, they breathe in the heady scent of leather, unsure if the gloves will bring kindness or cruelty. The submissive’s breathing is controlled entirely by Miss Jessica, who giggles as she declares, “You breathe only when I want you to.”
This is a slow, sensual scene, showcasing Miss Jessica at her best as she playfully smothers the submissive with her gloves. The submissive wonders if the sweet smell of leather will be the last thing they ever inhale.


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Domestic Femdom now on LoyalFans

We’re pleased to announce we now can offer clips and a ‘fan site’ via LoyalFans

We currently sell individual clips on Clips4Sale and iWantClips – and offer a membership where you can stream older scenes on Faphouse.

And now extend the brand to LoyalFans.

On LoyalFans we will be offering the following

– Follow For Free for limited content and access to purchase clips as they are listed
– This will include some previously unreleased scenes and LoyalFans exclusives along with new and classic content

For Subscribers
– 10% discount on all clips
– One new clip included in your subscription each month
– One classic clip included in your subscription each month
– Ad hoc behind the scenes, unreleased, bonus content
– The three above are guaranteed to be above the value of your subscription
– Polls for preferences on content or included clips

In line with other creators who offer similar the subscription price is $15, however discounts are available for longer subscriptions. If you take a year it works out at $10.50 per month.

Buuuut… as a welcome bonus, a whopping 70% discount off the first month is available to a limited number of subscribers.

Once those are gone they are gone

You can follow on LoyalFans here

Breakfast Cum from Sweaty Feet

It’s morning and Mx Valleycat comes to tease their husband in the cage.  They tease the cramped conditions and place their feet through the bars for worship.Breakfast Cum Title 300x169 - Breakfast Cum from Sweaty Feet

Valleycat opens the cage and lets out their husband and has a very simple and fun idea.  They’re going to allow their husband to worship their feet (not washed, obviously, plenty of overnight sweat) and masturbate.

Valleycat even provides a vibrator to heighten the orgasm!

Is there a catch? Of course there is, when permission to cum is granted it is all over Valleycat’s feet – and so now, back to foot worship – cleaning the cum from the sweaty morning feet.   Breakfast is served.


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Cleaning Chav Mistress’ Dirty Feet

The morning after the party and the flat is filthy, and so is Cate McQueen’s feet.chav mistress title slide 300x169 - Cleaning Chav Mistress' Dirty Feet

She gets her dirty foot boy to come and lick the dirt, grime and filth from her feet while she edits photos on her phone and ignores him.

She even takes a phone call to gossip while continuing to ignore him, other than to remind him just how disgusting this is.


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Sofa Pegging

Goddess Cleo likes to use her sluts anywhere anyhow, so this one is taken into the sitting room and fucked over the sofa.Sofa Peggign Title 300x169 - Sofa Pegging

There’s moans and groans as she goes in deep into the sub right in the living area.

It’s a long cock so this one slides all the way in for a deep fucking.


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