Miss Jessica Hyde – Dominant of the Week

This week we’ve another Dominant we’ve yet to meet properly.

The beginnings of shoots were being planned when they were all but derailed by covid, a “hopefully in the summer” quickly turned to Autumn and then a “Hopefully Spring 2021…” over a year after the conversation first started.

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We have, however, took a massive shine to Miss Jessica Hyde and love the clips she has done for us.

She’s as stern as she is fierce and won’t ever settle for sloppy standards in submissives, this is something that shines in some of the clips she has done with us.

You can see all the clips she has done with us here

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jessica 300x300 - Miss Jessica Hyde - Dominant of the Week

If I See You Here Again

ifiseeyou2 300x169 - If I See You Here AgainMiss Jessica Hyde is unimpressed. She scolds you as you return to her yet again having not improved your behaviour.

So, it’s time to up the stakes.

The flame haired English Mistress talks you through, and demonstrates, what will become of you if you don’t heed future warnings.

She goes through some of her favourite implements, from paddles to the cane. She talks you through their usage, their feeling and the damage they can do.

You are going to take notice, right? Because next time… next time will be painful.


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Learn the Correct Way to Worship My Feet

jessicafeet3 300x169 - Learn the Correct Way to Worship My FeetMiss Jessica Hyde has had a long walk in the woods today.

This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your foot worship skills! You can learn how to worship her feet!

But, better than that…

Miss Jessica has a very high standard and a particular way. So, for this clip she takes some oil and demonstrates some of the techniques she enjoys.

This means; should you ever have the opportunity to worship her feet you will learn exactly how she likes it.

Perhaps you can also use these techniques on anyone else you are fortunate enough to serve.

But, also, while you are watching and learning – look at how she rubs her beautiful feet – it’s almost like she’s teasing you with the toes, and soles and arches – like, you’re watching and learning but trying not to get distracted.

Keep sharp. Keep attentive. And you can learn how to be useful!


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Used as Her Ashtray

jessicasmoking3 300x169 - Used as Her AshtrayYou have been craving the attention of flame-haired Miss Jessica Hyde.

Have you really done anything to deserve this attention?

She knows you’ve been lusting her, and want to worship her, want to get close to her, want to taste her.

You are craving her and want more from her.

But, it takes more to catch the attention of this sultry, English, Goddess.

Perhaps you’d make a good house pet, or ornament. That the only way to get close, to taste is by being her human ashtray. I hope you have a smoking fetish.

Breathing her smoke, tasting her ash, before the cigarette is finally extinguished on you and disposed of in your mouth.

A sensual, sexy smoking clip with the sublime Miss Jessica Hyde making you her human ashtray.  Embrace your newfound smoking fetish.


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A Final Release before You’re Caged

jessicajoi3 300x169 - A Final Release before You're CagedIntroducing Miss Jessica Hyde

Miss Jessica Hyde has noticed how attentive you have been around the house, in serving her, in wanting to make a good impression.

The flame-haired English Goddess seduces you with her sultry tones and teases to your reward.

Because you have been so good, you can have one, last, orgasm before you are locked into a chastity cage for the foreseeable future.

Be mesmerised as you follow her voice and instructions. Follow them carefully as paying good attention could lead you to an explosive, final, orgasm.

We have many delightful clips to come from Miss Jessica Hyde in the coming months – and, what an introduction.



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