Harsh CBT Orgasm

The sub is ready blindfolded, cuffed and gagged.
Miss Diana Von Rigg clips on some nipple clamps for extra sensation and pain. But it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

A crown of thorns. This cruel implement is clamped around the balls, pulling in every direction at the same time.

A pinwheel is run across the cock. Tiny spikes adding sensation.
But then, a Kali’s Teeth device is clamped around the cock. Much bigger spikes adding to the pain.

Miss Diana runs her fingers on the cock. Teasing. An erection slowly mounts, the bigger the cock gets the more the pain is going to grow.

And then, there’s one more thing to add. A slubb.
As vibrators go, this is a power tool. It causes the erection to rise, pushing spikes into the cock.

There is then a helpless trickle of cum. Oh dear. That doesn’t mean that Miss Diana is going to stop, no? The slubb is simply turned up for intense post orgasm torment.

She tries to get one more orgasm out of him, but there is no more orgasms – only pain.

And so, there is just one more piece to finish this. As she turns off the slubb, removes the chastity, unties the rope – he’s to go on his hands and knees, and be kicked in the balls.

Post orgasm torment seldom gets so intense.



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Lick My Sweaty Boot Feet

Goddess Rachie calls in her slave to worship her boots. He starts work immediately kissing the purple boots on her size 5 feet.

Once she is done with worship, she instructs him to remove the boots. To his surprise she is not wearing socks, and so just has her feet which have been sweating in there all day.

She next orders him to massage her feet. To which he does. Before being told to lick the sweat from her feet.

To finish, he is instructed to fetch socks, but returns with odd socks so is sent to the corner to be ignored.


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Pegging in Red Lingerie

Armed with the large, long, blue dildo – Mxtress Valleycat has their husband over the bench.

There’s a lot of length and a lot of girth as Mxtress Valleycat is going to go in deep, using a bench rather than a sling as previous.

Plenty of groans as they drill deep.

This was filmed with 3 camera for plenty of angles including a very nice ‘butt cam’


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Foot Worship in the Waterfall

Cate McQueen relaxes by the waterfall. They are having their feet worshipped by their sub that is in the waterfall.
Of course, with the sadistic tendencies of Cate McQueen, she can and will use her feet to push, and hold, his head underwater – he is soon drenched and gasping for breath.

Relaxing and unleashing some cruel tendencies, a perfect break for Cate.


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Teased by the Bosses Fishnets

Miss Anna waits in her office, adjusting her heels on her fishnet feet.

There’s a knock on the door, it’s JayJay, he has no idea why he’s been called into his bosses office.

He’s been watching porn in the office.
Not just any porn, fetish porn. He’s also been wanking in the office.

He was hoping Miss Anna wouldn’t find out, but she always find out.

So, if he wants to escape discipline, he’s going to have to do whatever Miss Anna says.

He is instructed to kneel and is teased by her heels and fishnets. He is then told to stand, and get naked to amuse his boss.

Dropping his pants, Miss Anna is amused by his pants with a dick pocket. She has him spread his legs so she can kick his cock and balls.

She places her feet on the table, and instructs JayJay to remove her heels. She has him smell the first heel, then the second, before teasing him with her fishnet feet.

Rubbing them on his chest and face and having him suck her fishnet feet.

She moves onto his cock, teasing his cock with a fishnet footjob.
No release, as he’s teased with her fishnets to keep his job.

Still, he’ll be called in for more overtime yet.


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Heels that Can Pierce a Cock

CBT Tables can be cruel and unforgiving. As the foot pushes down, the cock is driven into the wood. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Miss Diana Von Rigg has leather boots with sharp, metal, heels.
It’s harsh enough going full weight with the toes, but going in with the heels will literally leave puncture wounds.

Miss Diana is merciless as she torments the cock. Using it literally to wipe the dirt from her boots.

But then, he must lick the cock filth from her boots. Cleaning the leather soles, and the metal heel.

But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Oh no. This is just the beginning.

Every time it feels like there is an ounce of mercy, there is another round of pain.

As a finale. Her boots are removed and he can worship and smell the stockings. The sweat built up from tormenting the cock.


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Warm Armpit Worship

It’s been a long day – and – that usually means, a lot of sweat.
Mx Valleycat has very sweaty armpits and is going to gladly have their husband sniff, lick and kiss their very sweaty, hairy, armpits


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Pegged Three-Ways by Emo Neighbour

Goddess Rachie has her neighbour (pretty much now transformed to her sub) over a bench.

She is going to fuck him in several different angles, crouched over the bed, bent over it and on his back.

She has great delight in turning him into her little bitch.
This scene is all fucking and no dialogue – solid action from start to end.


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