Smothered by Lady Voluptua

voluptuafacesitting 300x169 - Smothered by Lady VoluptuaA lesson in control, breath control.

In this clip with Lady Voluptua, watch as she smothers her slave with BBW Facesitting. Lady Voluptua is plus sized BBW Domme and she uses her full build to her advantage.

She smothers the slave both under her stomach – and – under bottom in some intense facesitting.

There is no escape or mercy for air, using only her body she certainly takes his breath away!

This is one of the scenes previewed on the Channel 5 series Adults Only – Plus Sized Porn. However, here it is full length and uncut.


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Foxtress – Dominant of the Week

This week’s Dominant of the Week is… The Foxtress

London Switch Bitch.  Although, I believe she’s only ever filmed as a Dominant.

c2 foxy facesittign2 300x169 - Foxtress - Dominant of the Week

She’s someone we’ve done two film days with.

The first of which was a day of two halves.   Starting with gym wear and a gym theme there was some work outs, a post work out massage and, of course, making use off all the sweat.

She then had a lovely latex dress to debut and that was used for some trampling and CP scenes.  It really was a warm day so this chucked up, well, another very sweaty scene.  Then, well, what better way to finish on such a warm and sweaty day than with face sitting.

It was another nice day the second time we met up to film.  So nice that we just sacked it off and went to the park instead…

However, taking the camera for any opportune moments, well, playtime in the park.

This was also during London Pride 2019, meaning there were several thousand people walking past…

I’m sure we’ll all meet again soon.  You can see all the clips we’ve done together here.

Until then.  Check her out

Clip Store

And, of course, all of our clips together.

foxtress 300x300 - Foxtress - Dominant of the Week

Loser Worships Cheerleader’s Feet

feet5 300x169 - Loser Worships Cheerleader's FeetThe loser lost a bet to Roxy-Fox and in a direct continuation to the first clip, the young cheerleader is having him suffer under her sweat.

She’s not changed nor showered after the game and is now going to have him move to her sweaty cheerleader feet.

He starts by kissing her trainers, winners trainers.  They’re grimy, straight from the field.  She wants him to take these off so he can have a good whiff of her socks. They smell, she worked hard and built up a big sweat. He nearly gags on the smell.

She takes these off and taunts him with her feet, he must kiss and sniff these. Roxy-Fox takes great delight in pushing her sweaty feet into his mouth as far as they will go.


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Mxtress Valleycat – Dominant of the Week

This week’s Dominant of the Week is Mxtress Valleycat

upsidedown2 300x169 - Mxtress Valleycat - Dominant of the Week

In terms of timeline, some of our very oldest clips are ones we filmed with them and of course there’s very much scope for many in the future.

They also do a lot of the behind-the-camera work in many of our clips.

Obviously there’s a lot in clips which are not entirely honest.  When you watch clips there’s sometimes relationship statuses written into the script to add to the fantasy.

However, for authenticity, Mx Valleycat really is married to eyemblacksheep, the sub in many of our clips!

So, some are filmed based on things and ideas that really happened in their private life.

And, well, clips like some in the park (some of which we’ve not yet put out) were basically filmed on the cuff.

So, the dynamic is natural and genuine.

You can view all of our clips with Mx Valleycat here


Their Website
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Their Clip Store (which has hundreds of clips!) 

mxvalleycat 300x300 - Mxtress Valleycat - Dominant of the Week

Office Fling – A Shoe Worship Treat

shoe worship 300x169 - Office Fling - A Shoe Worship TreatAt the evening of fun between the two co-workers continues with shoe worship – Goddexx Althea wants to see if their co-worker is as attentive to other forms of footwear.

They slip on some skull heels and invite their coworker to crawl in to kiss and worship them.

The heels are ribbed, it’s certainly amusing to see him sucking on the heels!


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Edged by the Witch


useforcum1 300x169 - Edged by the WitchBeing sub to a witch sometimes means you’re needed to assist with the magic.

Mxtress Valleycat has a spell with just one ingredient missing… the cum of a virgin.

Of course, it has to be teased, edged and tormented out. No fun in just taking it cleanly.

So the sub is edged, mostly with a magic wand. Knowing he’s a foot freak, Mx Valleycat puts their sweaty feet into his face as he masturbates, helping ensure the needed load is released…


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Sir Claire Black – Dominant of the Week

This week’s featured Dominant is another who was key in the set up of the store in the first place, Sir Claire Black.

full3ed 300x212 - Sir Claire Black - Dominant of the Week
It was a day of two halves when we filmed with Sir Claire Black.

The idea was of course, “I don’t need fetish wear, or even BDSM equipment in order to Dominate you… in fact… I don’t even need to get dressed!”

So some spanking, face sitting, ball busting and trampling all done armed with just a pair of pyjamas and slippers.

The second half of the day might have had a bit more dungeon approach, with some caning and big boot stomping – but there was very much an office and corporate vibe going on.

A little inspiration was from a scene from comedy/drama Hustle where one of the main characters ends up caned in an office board room as part of a lost (rigged) bet.

You can see all the clips we’ve done with Sir Claire here

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sirclaire 300x300 - Sir Claire Black - Dominant of the Week

Smelling my Pits – The Smell of Success

armpits1 300x169 - Smelling my Pits - The Smell of SuccessImagine losing a bet to Roxy-Fox to be her slave for the foreseeable future.

That’s what this guy has done and he’s being made to smell her success – as his first task is to sniff, kiss and lick her arm pits. To undertake armpit worship.

Of course, she’s not showered after the game and still in cheerleader outfit – and having him indulge in all the sweat of her as a winner.

He really struggles with the smell, but she has no mercy and forces him to her pits using the lead she’s attached to him. She also spits at him for good measure, as the loser he is.

He tries to get out of it, “Best 2 out of 3?” he asks in vain… but, nope. This is his future now Armpit worship is just the beginning.


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