Worshipping Latex Socks – And Sweaty Feet

Lady Valeska has her latex socks on. They’re shiny and yummy. So, she is going to want this sub to get some kisses on them. To lick, to worship and show great appreciation.Worshipping Latex Socks And Sweaty Feet title slide 300x169 - Worshipping Latex Socks - And Sweaty Feet

Of course, Lady Valeska takes great delight in testing the gag reflex as she shoves her large feet right into his mouth and throat.

But it doesn’t stop at the socks.
It shouldn’t take much guessing at what latex socks do to feet. She slips off the socks to smear his face with her sweaty feet and has them lick, kiss and worship them clean.

For extra value and humiliation – she runs the inside of the socks across his tongue and mouth, likewise with her latex gloves.

Really putting his whore mouth to work.


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Hurt and Humiliated by Sadistic Goths

You know when you’re just in the mood for hurting someone? Goth Delilah and Mx Valleycat are in such a mood!Hurt and Humiliated by Sadistic Goths title slide 300x169 - Hurt and Humiliated by Sadistic Goths

This starts with some face slapping and spitting, Delilah in particularly very eager with a swift back hand.
They then target the balls. Kicking, punching, squeezing… they tie the balls for extra intensity!

Then they pull out a little table, the cock is placed on it, and they trample it under their huge boots!

To finish they leave the sub hurt, humiliated and covered in spit!


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Punishment Time – Flogging

It’s punishment time! Miss Jessica Hyde and Miss Cate McQueen are very excited to take out a good beating on their subs.Punishment Time Flogging Title Slide 300x169 - Punishment Time - Flogging

This is the first part of the beating as the two ladies go to work with their beautiful floggings giving a thorough beating to the two subs.


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Positive Pegging

Pegging is a wonderful thing. A lot of focus in Femdom can sometimes be about hard pegging, humiliation, or “fucking the slut” but sometimes… sometimes Mistress choice is about the beauty of anal play.positive pegging title slide 300x169 - Positive Pegging

This is one where Echo Evangelista does just that. From warming up the anus using fingers, to slipping in with the dildo, gentle at first before being able to ramp it up.

The sub moans a lot in pleasure, this is something Echo enjoys a lot. This is a sensual pegging on the sling showing off more of the positive and sensual side.


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Orgasm Prize Wheel

Mxtress Ava finishes strapping their sub down to the bench.
“Are you sure you want it?”

An orgasm has been permitted. But the nature of the orgasm is coming down to a very special ‘Prize Wheel’

This includes things like “Handjob”, “Foot Job”, but also “Ruined Orgasm” and other less pleasant alternatives.

That it lands on “Mxtress Choice” raises such a smile to Mxtress Ava, who decides to then make the choice by moving the wheel to “Milking”

This means the milking machine is lifted out and placed onto the cock for some extended torment.

Mxtress Ava doesn’t even need to touch, the machine can be placed under the strap and all they have to do is choose whether it goes faster, harder, or both.

When the cock is nice and tender, Mxtress Ava does decide to use the ‘Mxtress Choice’ clauses (as, well, was it ever not their choice?) to finish by hand to give an explosive cum shot finish. Leaving their sub a very sloppy mess.

As a side note. There’s a lot of genuine reactions from the smiles, and fear, from the wheel because this all was done in one take and so landing as it did was down to luck.


As a side note.  There’s a lot of genuine reactions from the smiles, and fear, from the wheel because this all was done in one take and so landing as it did was down to luck.


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Apple Bobbing

It’s Hallowe’en – and Miss Cate and Mx Valleycat really want to do some apple bobbing with the boys.apple bobbing slide 300x169 - Apple Bobbing

Can you believe, two of the boys have never apple bobbed before!

So, we get the one who must go first – Miss Cate pushing his head into the water with her boot showing that this is not going to be clean sailing.

There’s a lot of fun as Miss Cate and Mx Valleycat drown, sit on and distract the boys as they play.


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Leather Opera Gloves Teasing, Smothering and Worship

Miss Wildfire shows off her beautiful, long, leather, Opera Gloves.leather opera title slide 300x169 - Leather Opera Gloves Teasing, Smothering and Worship

They are perfect for worship.  She has the slave come over to worship her gloves.  She sensually teases his naked body with the gloves while presenting them for worship.

What else the leather Opera gloves are good for is smothering.  As it serves her delight she interupts the worship to cover his mouth, taking his breath away under the taste and smell of the beautiful leather.

The intensity steps up as she teases the cock with one leather glove while smothering the mouth with the other.

The teasing leads to the cock getting harder and harder. But this is entirely for Mistress’ pleasure.  There’s no orgasm or release, only teasing.


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Wrapped and Ruined

All wrapped up with no place to go.  Lady Valeska has the sub wrapped in a tight plastic wrap, and hooded in a tight sensory deprivation hood.wrapped and ruined title 300x169 - Wrapped and Ruined

Lady Valeska starts by ripping some plastic to tease and torment the nipples.  She then grabs a doxy and places against the crotch.

The cock is still tightly wrapped to make it an extra intense experience.  Lady Valeska laughs at the strange noises coming from the hood.

Lady Valeska grabs an egg time to see if he can last the length of the timer.  As a twist, she doesn’t know how long the timer is… it turns out it’s an hour!

Not that that matters, it’s all a bit too intense and the plastic wrap fills with cum and drips to the floor.  The sub receiving zero pleasure at all from the trickle.

But what he does receive is pain – because Lady Valeska decides to continue to run the vibrator against the cock and also slap the cock and torment the nipples.  Being extra sensitive because he’s just cum, this is not a pleasant orgasm or bondage experience.


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