Princess Dahlia – Dominant of the Week

Each week we want to showcase the Dominants who’ve appeared on the site.

We start with where we began on the store, with the lady who appeared on our very first clips.

Princess Dahlia

610 8415 300x243 - Princess Dahlia - Dominant of the Week
Princess Dahlia

Unfortunately, Princess Dahlia is currently in hiatus and so sharing her links may seem futile at the moment. She has made no secret she is a new mother.

You can, however, support her – her clip store is available here

Or visit her website here.

Based in the North-East of England. Princess Dahlia is an experienced Pro-Domme and disciplinarian. Specialising in activities such as corporal punishment and foot worship.

Cumming is strictly forbidden in her presence!

dahlia edging1 300x169 - Princess Dahlia - Dominant of the Week


She’s as playful as she is stern. She’s also very enthusiastic about role play. On our store she does a lot of roleplay as a strict Auntie, but she also has done many other forms of roleplay in her sessions.

You can check out all the clips she has done with us here

dahliacollage 300x300 - Princess Dahlia - Dominant of the Week

Teased and Tormented on the St Andrews Cross

onthecross2 300x169 - Teased and Tormented on the St Andrews CrossPrincess Dahlia visits her slave who is restrained on the St Andrews Cross.

She’s decided to do some sensation play… while luring him into a false sense of security with some light feathers, this is followed up with a sharp flogging.

As always, it’s on her terms. She has great fun with nipple clamps, and with a sharp blade. She also makes use of his legs spread with the occasional but swift knee to the balls.

They’re probably still a bit damaged from the last time…


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Face Slapping you until you confess

slappingtilconfess1 300x169 - Face Slapping you until you confessPrincess Dahlia‘s sub is being ignored and doesn’t like it. He pleads for her attention.
However, the attention he is given is merely more than face slapping, or twists to the nipples.

He has been breaking her rules, she knows it, and is not giving him any form of attention until he confesses.

However, the more he confesses his crimes – the worse the slapping and punishment gets.


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Foot Pervert Doubly Destroyed

footdom2 300x169 - Foot Pervert Doubly DestroyedStarring Mxtress Valleycat & Princess Dahlia

Two pairs of feet are better than one, right?
Well – the foot pervert might think that – but there’s more than he bargained for.

It’s a warm day so Mxtress Valleycat starts by shoving her sweaty feet in his face; he’s unable to move as Princess Dahlia has him pinned down.

The two then take great pleasure teasing with their feet – pushing into his face and mouth… but the torment of the little foot pervert is only just beginning.

Having him pinned down, they put their feet just out of reach and watch as he tried to kiss and lick – and he can’t so they cruelly laugh at him.

They think he’s looking a little too comfortable – so they really get to work. Slapping his face with their feet. Seeing his erection and kicking, slapping and trampling it. Spitting on him. And, of course, denying him any form of release to his excitement.

They know he’s a foot pervert, and the two of them destroy him for it.


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A Correctional Flogging

dahlia flogging3 300x169 - A Correctional FloggingStarring Princess Dahlia

Nephew has been doing his duties, but today he hadn’t quite finished when Auntie returned with a gentleman friend.

This is not acceptable.

Sent to the dungeon until ready to be disciplined, Auntie takes great delight in beating him with a carpet beater and then unleashing a hard flogging

Nephew needs to learn there are rules in the house – and he is learning things the hard way.  Perhaps this will steady him for better standards to her rules


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Edge for Auntie

dahlia edging1 300x169 - Edge for AuntieStarring Princess Dahlia

Continuing directly on from the previous clip, Auntie decides to make use of her disgusting Nephew’s erection.

She has him lie on the bench where she was and go through a traffic light game of some taboo edging.

Green means speed up, Amber slow down and red stop.

She enjoys edging him over and over and tormenting him with some light breath play and teasing him with her feet.

As he gets closer and closer he eventually starts to ask for permission for release… denied!


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Embarrassing Foot Worship for Nephew

dahlia feet2 300x169 - Embarrassing Foot Worship for NephewStarring Princess Dahlia

Nephew is to learn that his duties don’t just involve chores and house work.

He finds himself at his Aunties feet giving her a foot massage.

However, that alone is not enough for her as she orders him to kiss, lick and suck her feet and toes. He must do foot worship with Auntie.

She notices he is getting erect and humiliates her nephew for getting hard at his Aunts feet.   She makes this more humiliating as she rubs her feet across his cock.

Things take a dark path he didn’t imagine.


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A Morning Spanking

Starring Princess Dahlia

Waking up in the cage after an uncomfortable night’s rest, Nephew finds that Auntie has been through his phone.

She’s horrified to find he’d been texting a woman, that he was going to use Auntie’s hospitality in order to go out romancing!

This then becomes a good opportunity to drive home how things will be.

Nephew is humiliated over his Aunties knee as she adheres a firm, strict, spanking.

Whilst there may be rewards, there’ll also be punishments.


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A New Life With Strict Auntie

Starring Princess Dahlia as strict Auntie

When a wayward nephew goes to live with his Auntie, there’s certainly a shock to the system.

With nowhere else to live, he quickly learns that the house rules are not what are bargained for.

Forced to strip in front of his strict Auntie, he’s tolddahlia arrival2 300x169 - A New Life With Strict Auntie that there’s a “points based system” which will allow him to gain perks, including his clothes back, upon completion of duties.

To add to the humiliation he learns his bedroom is a cage… in a dungeon.

“If you earn points you can have a blanket”

Today he finds that his Auntie is a Dominatrix….


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