Foxtress – Dominant of the Week

This week’s Dominant of the Week is… The Foxtress

London Switch Bitch.  Although, I believe she’s only ever filmed as a Dominant.

c2 foxy facesittign2 300x169 - Foxtress - Dominant of the Week

She’s someone we’ve done two film days with.

The first of which was a day of two halves.   Starting with gym wear and a gym theme there was some work outs, a post work out massage and, of course, making use off all the sweat.

She then had a lovely latex dress to debut and that was used for some trampling and CP scenes.  It really was a warm day so this chucked up, well, another very sweaty scene.  Then, well, what better way to finish on such a warm and sweaty day than with face sitting.

It was another nice day the second time we met up to film.  So nice that we just sacked it off and went to the park instead…

However, taking the camera for any opportune moments, well, playtime in the park.

This was also during London Pride 2019, meaning there were several thousand people walking past…

I’m sure we’ll all meet again soon.  You can see all the clips we’ve done together here.

Until then.  Check her out

Clip Store

And, of course, all of our clips together.

foxtress 300x300 - Foxtress - Dominant of the Week