Mxtress Valleycat – Dominant of the Week

This week’s Dominant of the Week is Mxtress Valleycat

upsidedown2 300x169 - Mxtress Valleycat - Dominant of the Week

In terms of timeline, some of our very oldest clips are ones we filmed with them and of course there’s very much scope for many in the future.

They also do a lot of the behind-the-camera work in many of our clips.

Obviously there’s a lot in clips which are not entirely honest.  When you watch clips there’s sometimes relationship statuses written into the script to add to the fantasy.

However, for authenticity, Mx Valleycat really is married to eyemblacksheep, the sub in many of our clips!

So, some are filmed based on things and ideas that really happened in their private life.

And, well, clips like some in the park (some of which we’ve not yet put out) were basically filmed on the cuff.

So, the dynamic is natural and genuine.

You can view all of our clips with Mx Valleycat here


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Their Clip Store (which has hundreds of clips!) 

mxvalleycat 300x300 - Mxtress Valleycat - Dominant of the Week