Edging, CBT and a Ruined Orgasm

Goddess Rachie walks in, she has her submissive neighbour cuffed to a cross and hooded so he cannot see what is about to happen.


The flick of floggers against his cock.  But then also the strokes from her hand.

She keeps his cock teased to keep it erect so that it hurts more when she flicks, flogs and squeezes it.

All the while he is getting closer to orgasm and associating pain with arousal.


As he gets closer and closer it’s easy to ask if all the pain is worth it for the explosive orgasm at the end, but, alas – with some simple timing he is left with just an embarrassing trickle on the floor.

A ruined orgasm.

But that doesn’t mean the flogging stopped.


Frustrating and teasing, and he can’t even see the beautiful girl at his cock.  Unlucky.


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