Nina Hiss – Dominant of the Week

This week our Dominant of the Week is Nina Hiss

She is incredibly strong and has a cheeky Domination style, describing herself as ‘The Leisure Bully’ or Bully For Hire.

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We did have plans that got derailed by covid, which gives great scope for future plans if nothing else…. so technically we’ve only done one film day.

We really took Domestic to it’s heart as most of the clips were filmed in her home – this also made the filming day very natural as opportunities just presented themselves!

Independently to this, we did meet up another time – she had been using a Wrestling Centre and had been making some of her own clips – but saw it as an opporutinity to put the camera on and have an impromptu bout.

She has a whole range of things on her own store – many showcasing her strength which is nothing to be underestimated.

You can see all the clips we’ve done with Nina Hiss here

You can also visit their lists below

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Clip Store

ninahiss 300x300 - Nina Hiss - Dominant of the Week