Roo Morgue – Dominant of the Week

This week our Domme of the Week is someone we’ve not properly met in person.

Particularly over the summer, with the pandemic really putting a limit on shoots – we had the idea to speak to people we liked to make some content for us.

roofeet3 300x169 - Roo Morgue - Dominant of the Week

Obviously the opportunity to work with Roo Morgue wasn’t one we wanted to turn down.

She had at the time, just done a video for a TikTok challenge, converting to a Trad Goth look that she wanted to do more of, especially as she is a fan of the look and the music.

So, hey, bitchy Goth Queen a-go-go.

Of course, there is more than her to that, and if you check out her content you’ll find she can rock any look.

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roo 300x300 - Roo Morgue - Dominant of the Week