Sensual Domination with Fluffy Feathers

Sensual Domination with Lady Voluptua

Sometimes Domination doesn’t have to be fierce, sometimes it can be done with just feathers. Sensual Domination. In this sensual clip, Lady Voluptua has fun teasing and driving her sub wild using just sensations. Be it the cold chain or the giant, soft, feather – it can sometimes just be the softest touches to drive …

Your Bully has you Worship Her Sweaty Feet

Bad Dolly School Girl Foot Worship

Bad Dolly has had a terrible day at school. A pile of homework, and they’ve been placed in detention. This is kinda your fault, as she was caught bullying you. So now, faced with your bully, she’s going to have you make it up to her. Having had a long and hard day, in uncomfortable …

Barefoot Cock Squash on Trample Board

giantess cock crush on trample board

Mxtress Valleycat’s husband has again failed to do the vacuuming so there is a punishment in store. After having him lie on the dirty, dusty floor – pinned down by a cast iron table – it becomes very apparent what the new table is to be used for. Valleycat fishes his cock through the hole, …

Humiliating a loser to cheer us up

brat girls school bully humiliated loser

Amy Wynters is late as she’s been stuck in detention. Luckily, Mx Valleycat has just the thing to cheer her up! Valleycat has a loser who is following their every command.  Humiliating a loser is a good way to cheer up Amy. To barking like a pup, to handing over money. They of course let …

Loser Under Cheerleader’s Ass

cheerleader face sitting

The new life as a slave to Roxy-Fox is going to get worse before it gets better. The cheerleader is about to indulge in some face sitting. She’s left him lying on the bed and has now returned to sit on his face. She places the sweaty socks from earlier on his face before taunting …

Office Fling – Edged to Finish

edging and ruined orgasm with Goddexx Althea

After a trip to a work conference ended up in an unexpected night of kink, it’s time to finish the job. Goddexx Althea has their colleague on the bed and is now edging him to release. As he gets closer and closer and more excited… well, perhaps a hint of who is running the show …

The Kinky Wheel of Misfortune

lady voluptua and mxtress valleycat with slave bound in fetters wheel

Lady Voluptua and Mxtress Valleycat have the sub on the fetters wheel. He’s never been on the wheel before, so it’s a first time. Is this scary, or exciting? The two Dominants have a laugh together as they taunt the predicament. He’s strapped down, so going nowhere. Starting by teasing him with their nails, they …

Golden Shower Time Treat – Water Sports Fun

Roxy Fox golden shower pvc dress

Bath time for the slave – though, this is a very special golden shower from Roxy-Fox. Every sip of water she’d been taking during the day she’d been taunted him with and now it’s time. She hoists up her PVC dress and then… let it rain. LINK TO CLIP More from Roxy-Fox

Office Fling – Fucked with a Strap On

goddexx althea strap on pegging

When there’s a twist in the plot… “Hey, want to try anal?”, “Sure…” and then you come back to find that your co-worker, Goddexx Althea, is now lubing up a dildo – and, well, you’re now on your back being fucked up the ass with a strap on. There’s lots of moans and noises as …

Smothered by Lady Voluptua

bbw facesitting lady voluptua plus sized porn adults only

A lesson in control, breath control. In this clip with Lady Voluptua, watch as she smothers her slave with BBW Facesitting. Lady Voluptua is plus sized BBW Domme and she uses her full build to her advantage. She smothers the slave both under her stomach – and – under bottom in some intense facesitting. There …

Loser Worships Cheerleader’s Feet

cheerleader feet roxy-fox

The loser lost a bet to Roxy-Fox and in a direct continuation to the first clip, the young cheerleader is having him suffer under her sweat. She’s not changed nor showered after the game and is now going to have him move to her sweaty cheerleader feet. He starts by kissing her trainers, winners trainers.  …

Office Fling – A Shoe Worship Treat

goddexx althea shoe worship

At the evening of fun between the two co-workers continues with shoe worship – Goddexx Althea wants to see if their co-worker is as attentive to other forms of footwear. They slip on some skull heels and invite their coworker to crawl in to kiss and worship them. The heels are ribbed, it’s certainly amusing …

Edged by the Witch

mx valleycat edging eyemblacksheep

  Being sub to a witch sometimes means you’re needed to assist with the magic. Mxtress Valleycat has a spell with just one ingredient missing… the cum of a virgin. Of course, it has to be teased, edged and tormented out. No fun in just taking it cleanly. So the sub is edged, mostly with …

Smelling my Pits – The Smell of Success

roxy fox armpit worship

Imagine losing a bet to Roxy-Fox to be her slave for the foreseeable future. That’s what this guy has done and he’s being made to smell her success – as his first task is to sniff, kiss and lick her arm pits. To undertake armpit worship. Of course, she’s not showered after the game and …

Office Fling – A Spanking

Goddexx Althea spanking eyemblacksheep

Although permission was granted in to room to worship boots in the previous clip, certainly it wasn’t granted throughout the conference. Goddexx Althea places their coworker across their knee and administers a playful spanking. Is this hot or humiliating? At conference, naked, over your co-workers knee? LINK TO CLIP More from Goddexx Althea