Cum Eating Spit Slave

This is linked to previous clip ‘No Worship, Only Spit Humiliation’
The humiliation is about to get worse for one of the subs.
Cate McQueen and Miss Audrey Brynn notice an erection. They had been spitting on him and humiliating him and he got so hard!

So, they are going to let him wank, while they continue to spit on him and humiliate him.

As he gets close, Cate produces a glass, if he is going to finish it has to be into the glass.
And then, only one thing can happen – the thick cum poured into his mouth and face to go with the rest of the spit.



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No Worship, Only Spit Humiliation

The instructions are simple states Cate McQueen. The boys are going to get to worship, but, Cate and Miss Audrey Brynn are going to spit on them.

It becomes very clear, very quickly, the boys are not going to get to worship.
No, the only worship they will get is the spit, that they are covered in. A constant torrent of spit and abuse and humiliation as the spitty shame literally streaks down their faces.


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Savour Her Sweat

You can see it dripping. You can see the sweat literally dripping from the latex catsuit of Miss Diana Von Rigg

As she removes her latex gloves, you can see the sweat drip straight off.

There is a sub here. He is going to catch it. He is going to drink the sweat straight from the source as Miss Diana pours it from her gloves straight into his mouth.

The spilt sweat on the floor, she has him clean it up. Wasting not a drop of this delicious sweat.

The sweat runs down her legs, filling up her shoes. He is put to work cleaning the sweat dripping onto her feet.

He is instructed to lie back and to gag on her sweaty feet.
Cleaning up all of the days work

And then the catsuit comes off. He must clean the sweat from inside the catsuit. Including the juicy section, right in the crotch.

A delightful treat of sweat to savour.


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Spitting Chocolates and Grapes

The sub has brought a gift of chocolates and grapes.
Miss Diana Von Rigg is feeling generous, she tells him she will share them.

However, this will be however Miss Diana sees fit. This includes trampling the chocolates and grapes, and having him lick the mess from her beautiful heels, or from the floor.

It includes spitting them, either in his face, his mess or on the floor.

As a trickle of caramel oozes from her divine lips, straight into the mouth of the sub – this is certainly a sexy, and humiliating, way to enjoy chocolate.


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Goddess Rosa and Mistress Maverick – Double Domme in the Dungeon

This is session footage involving Valentina Rosa and Mistress Maverick.

Valentina Rosa crawls in the slave, he’s going to be inspected by both herself and Miss Maverick.

They start by seeing how he barks, before having him lick their boots.

Whilst working on Miss Maverick’s boots, Valentina Rosa spanks him and teases the nipples.

The spanking needs to intensify, so he is tied to the cross while the ladies use a paddle and crop to spank his white, bare, bottom until it’s glowing red.

As a reward for taking the spanking so well – there’s a little reward in store.

He can kiss and worship the two ladies asses.

First Miss Maverick through her net body stocking. There is prompt to put some proper effort in to really get to work kissing and worshipping the beautiful behind of the Mistress.

Then he can lick and kiss the PVC arse of Goddess Rosa. Getting right in to worship both Dommes.

There is another arse-based treat coming. He’s led off to the bench – and spanked and flogged some more.

But then, the cocks come out.

Miss Maverick lubes up her dildo and slips straight in to the waiting arse.
Goddess Rosa watches the response as Miss Maverick gets to the fucking, before she presents her much larger dildo for some sucking and gagging.

But then it’s time to swap… Goddess Rosa slips in with her much larger cock – and now it’s the turn of Miss Maverick to have her dildo sucked and worshipped.

A Double Domme spitroast becomes the perfect finale for the two ladies.

This is a full length clip of all the activities above, shorter versions are available containing one activity focus, Spanking, Ass Worship, Spitroast.


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Sharp Nail Ticking and Scratching

Both Mx Valleycat and Cate McQueen have new nails, so they’re going to use them for torment. They clip their sub to the suspension bar, hoist it up nice and tight, and then set to tickling and scratching with their nails.

The sub is sliced to pieces under the sharp cuts of their sharp nails.


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Double Trouble Tickling and Scratching

Foxtress and Mxtress Valleycat call in their sub.  They want a laugh, at his expense, and they do have nice fresh nails.double trouble tick scratch title slide 300x169 - Double Trouble Tickling and Scratching

They’re going to get to work tickling him!

Nowhere is safe as they tickle his feet, his pits, his chest and more.  He is very ticklish, so he squirms around on the floor.

Of course, tickling isn’t the only thing nails are good for…

The duo sink their nails in to him and scratch him with their beautiful, long nails.


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Finding His Tickle Spots

This sub seems to say he’s not that ticklish – but Miss Jessica Hyde and Mxtress Valleycat seem to think they can disprove this.

Running their sharp fingernails across the body there is a lot of resistance from the sub as he tries to hide his reactions.

Of course, it’s difficult to keep hidden from two craft and seductive Dominants as they get the reactions from him.


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Hurt and Humiliated by Sadistic Goths

You know when you’re just in the mood for hurting someone? Goth Delilah and Mx Valleycat are in such a mood!Hurt and Humiliated by Sadistic Goths title slide 300x169 - Hurt and Humiliated by Sadistic Goths

This starts with some face slapping and spitting, Delilah in particularly very eager with a swift back hand.
They then target the balls. Kicking, punching, squeezing… they tie the balls for extra intensity!

Then they pull out a little table, the cock is placed on it, and they trample it under their huge boots!

To finish they leave the sub hurt, humiliated and covered in spit!


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Two CBT Endurance Subs

It starts as a contest to see who can take the most pegs; but Goddess Cleo and Mx Valleycat run out of pegs before filling the cock and balls of the two subs.Two CBT Endurance Subs 37 300x169 - Two CBT Endurance Subs

There are a lot of pegs by the time they are finished!

This is a special extended clip, for a special price, as the two have an extended tease and torment with the two subs driven to a CBT sub space.


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Sadistic Goths Trample their Rug

Mx Valleycat and Goth Delilah decide they want to use their sub as a rug.Sadistic Goths Trample their Rug 026 300x169 - Sadistic Goths Trample their Rug

The two are cruel and merciless as they trample and squeeze him under their huge boots – Valleycat in platforms and Delilah in spiked Goth boots.

They have fun stepping, bouncing and jumping as the sub whines in pain.

They decide to find other uses such as using his beard to wipe the dirt from their feet and then deciding the area they kick should make the sub make a different noise and then start kicking and stomping him for hilarious sound effects.


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Suspended and Tickled

Miss Jessica Hyde and Mxtress Valleycat have a submissive suspended from the ceiling, his body tight and tense from being suspended. This position makes the body even more ticklish as the two dominants work their fingers over every inch of his skin.Suspended and Tickled 37 300x169 - Suspended and Tickled

Miss Jessica starts with lace gloves, while Valleycat uses their long, sharp nails. As they explore his body, Miss Jessica slips off her gloves to find extra sensitive spots. The two work together, looking for different spots and different reactions on the submissive’s body.

Some parts of the submissive’s body are more sensitive than others, as he writhes and slides into a mess from all the sensation. Despite his resistance, it’s impossible for him to remain desensitized as they continue to tickle and scratch every inch of his body.

But as they continue their relentless torment, a weak spot is found. The nipples! The tickling and scratching around the nipples becomes an extreme and intense torment that he is unable to escape from. The submissive is wracked with laughter and tears as the two continue to torment his nipples, pushing him to the brink of his endurance.


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We Want to Hear Your Squeal

This seems to start nice. The sub is in the gyno chair and is being tickled by Mx Valleycat and Goth Delilah.

However, Delilah in particularly is bored very quickly.  He is not reactive enough. Not responsive enough. Not vocal nor ticklish enough.

This is meant to be torment!

So… if tickling doesn’t make him squeal, CBT will!

From harsh punishment with a pinwheel, to ball squeezing and slapping including with a ball paddle!

They try to crush his balls in a vice but they hilariously run away, this just makes them grab and squeeze tighter!


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A Ruined Shower of Cum

An orgasm is always a risky thing for a sub to ask for. It is especially risky when strapped to a Fetters Wheel.
Araneae and Roxy-Fox have great fun teasing and edging the helpless cock and balls.

They can even throw in some impromptu CBT, Araneae digging her nails into his cock, while Roxy edges – that would be a painful way to cum.

But, no. That won’t be how he cums.

As he is getting closer. The wheel is spun. He is now both upside down and close to cumming.

This leads to the problem (at least, for him) that if he cums – it is going to dribble all over him and, as he looks up in terror – a big likelihood he will cum in his own face.

That would be humiliating and he would be helpless to stop it.

He is now stating he is unsure if he wants to cum or not, but Araneae makes it clear he no longer has a choice.

Things don’t quite go to plan. He is instructed not to cum without permission, but, it’s all too much. The edging takes him to the point of no return and so there is a sad trickle of a ruined orgasm slops pathetically onto his belly.

So… Araneae grabs his cock, squeezes, it being extra sensitive due to just ejaculating and continues to masturbate so that it literally rains cum.

Meanwhile, Roxy is feed him his own cum, smearing it on his lips and face and into his mouth.

He did get the orgasm, but it certainly was not pleasant at all.


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Preview :

Bathroom Bitch (Humiliation Spitting Swirly Wedgie)

Some oral and personal hygiene, femdom style, as Miss Lady Louisa and Miss Diana Von Rigg are putting their bathroom bitch to use for some bathroom humiliation.oral hygeine 31 300x169 - Bathroom Bitch (Humiliation Spitting Swirly Wedgie)

Miss Diana holding the sub in place, pulling his mouth open as Miss Louisa spits toothpaste into his mouth and face.

Of course, after she is finished it’s only right he washes his face and rinses out his mouth – so he is dragged over to the toilet, to be cleaned up in the flushing toilet water.

There’s even time for a humiliating wedgie for good measure.  Pure bathroom humiliation.


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The Smoking Break

Miss Diana Von Rigg and Miss Lady Louisa are taking a quick smoking break. They have two, ahem, willing human ashtrays to take their smoke and ash… well… not just their smoke and ash – Miss Diana spitting her chewing gum into hers… catching him completely by surprise.CHEWING ON ASH 30 300x169 - The Smoking Break

Despite being a cold Autumn day, there is no respite. The subs knelt outside in the cold and wet while they are used by the two beautiful Mistresses.


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Time for Your Close Up

Time for Your Close Up 04 300x169 - Time for Your Close UpTime for an ugly make over.

Nina Hiss and Valleycat are looking for some entertainment – fortunately they have a sub available; and plenty of make-up and accessories.

They’re going to give him a nice humiliating makeover.

He doesn’t seem very happy about this, so they paint a smile on him in lipstick – and throw in some body writing for good measure.

Eventually, after he is prettified – they get bored. So, he’s sent to the shop while the pair giggle about their creation.


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