Cate McQueen- Dominant of the Week

The first time I came across Cate McQueen was at an adult industry event.  She was certainly extremely noticeable as she paraded in a latex catsuit.   Since then, of course, she’s someone people cannot stop but pay attention to.

FU1JjJaWUAYQ gL 239x300 - Cate McQueen- Dominant of the Week

Since then, of course, we have shot together since – two shoots at the time of writing.  The first a day themed around “Cate McQueen meets a new slave” which, funnily, was a good way to get to know about each other – and a more recent shoot where there’ll be some hot clips landing soon.  She is a fun person to be around and her presence shines through.

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catecollage 300x270 - Cate McQueen- Dominant of the Week