Wrestling Domination and Ballbusting

Mel Fire is a professional wrestler. She needs to practice her moves, and has this hapless sub she will use as her submission rag doll.

Immediately pushing him to the floor and locking in a chokehold, Mel is going to show no mercy.

She tests how flexible he is with a harsh camel clutch and dropping into another choke hold.

After rolling him over limply, of course, she’d asked for him to be naked. And for a reason. She starts punishing the cock while he is still recovering from the choke, then sits on his face to keep him pinned down and smother while slapping the cock and busting the balls.

The facesitting, soon becomes a headscissors as his head is crushed between her fishnet thighs, while balls are crushed in her hands.

Move after move he must go through, and Mel just keeps getting new ideas.

A scissorhold from behind allows her to place the head in a sleeperhold while she squeeze the cock and balls with her feet.

Mel decides she will push him until he taps. And with easy access to punish the balls with many holds, there will be a whole world of pain.

After tapping to a headscissors, Mel releases the hold, but wants more submission. With the sub on all fours she steps behind him and kicks blow after blow in quick succession to the balls until he is truly defeated.


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Divine Domino destroys Pink Panty Weakling

This is a terrible start.
The sub has come for wrestling with Divine Domino. And couldn’t find his shorts!

So, you know how it is – don’t have sports kit, do it underwear. In this case, awful pink panties.

Domino can’t help but wedgie and spank him, and this is before we even get to the wrestling!

The sub is as wimpy as the pink panties suggest, and he very quickly finds himself in a headlock.

As he attempts to move round, he is quickly pulled back into an armbar, followed by a sleeper.

The feeling of defeat and deflation comes quickly, and this is just 2 minutes into 20 minutes of torment!

Rolling him round like a rag doll, there’s plenty more facesitting, headscissors and many more holds, Domino even using advantage to further wedgie and torment the bright pink pants.

She even has time to showboat and mock as she bounces on his face.

As Divine Domino has built up a sweat, she does have him lick up the sweat from her armpits, before luring back into a wedgie and spank.


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Scissorhold Training

Mel Fire is a professional wrestler and is here with Mxtress Valleycat and their submissive husband.

Mel Fire is going to teach Valleycat some submission holds, which are satisfying and very painful.

The demonstration starts with squeezing the head between thighs and continues with a range of different types of headscissors.

Mel will first demonstrate the hold on the hapless sub, before Valleycat has a turn.

The two have great fun inflicting different types of pain.

And saving some of the best til last, Mel shows a reverse headscissors, and raises her leg to exert maximum pain and causing the sub to tap out.

The two have a lot of fun, the sub maybe not so much, and Valleycat now has some new skills.


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Femdom Wrestling Virgin Dominated

ninabs3 300x196 - Femdom Wrestling Virgin DominatedStarring Nina Hiss

“Be careful what you wish for” is often an important lesson of the day.

eyemblacksheep had wanted to try Femdom wrestling and so Nina Hiss decides to see what he’s made of.

She has great fun spending 10 minutes toying, dominating and humiliating him on the mats.  Even taking time to wipe her nose on him.

Eventually she gets bored of him and makes him tap out, showing how easy it all was for her.


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