A Bigger Dildo To Peg Husband

Recently, Mx Valleycat did their first pegging clip with their husband.  They did promise this might be the way things are from now on, so it’s time for another round.a bigger dildo title slide 300x169 - A Bigger Dildo To Peg Husband

Starting with the purple dildo, there is a little bit of a surprise coming.

The purple dildo slips out a little too easily – so it’s time to go a bit bigger.

This is a huge dildo, designed to stretch open the arsehole.  There are big moans as it slides all the way in and pulls the hole open.

No think about anything but the big dildo spreading him open.  It certainly reaches a spot.

By the end, Valleycat is impressed by just how much of this cock he takes.  Maybe it’s time to go further again.


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Husband Pegged in the Sling

Believe it or not, Valleycat doesn’t peg their husband that often.  They prefer to use a sling for many reasons, and so used to use one in a local sex club when it had a fetish night.husband pegged title slide 300x169 - Husband Pegged in the Sling

So, being in a dungeon which has a sling it means, of course, there is going to be pegging and it is going to be an opportunity to get it on film.

The playful dynamics in the clip represents their genuine relationship.  Though, Valleycat enjoying the rare pegging so much that perhaps there’ll be no longer any use for their husband’s cock.

Will this be the only way for sex from now on?


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Breakfast Cum from Sweaty Feet

It’s morning and Mx Valleycat comes to tease their husband in the cage.  They tease the cramped conditions and place their feet through the bars for worship.Breakfast Cum Title 300x169 - Breakfast Cum from Sweaty Feet

Valleycat opens the cage and lets out their husband and has a very simple and fun idea.  They’re going to allow their husband to worship their feet (not washed, obviously, plenty of overnight sweat) and masturbate.

Valleycat even provides a vibrator to heighten the orgasm!

Is there a catch? Of course there is, when permission to cum is granted it is all over Valleycat’s feet – and so now, back to foot worship – cleaning the cum from the sweaty morning feet.   Breakfast is served.


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Making a Maid out of Husband

Valleycat loves to have fun with their sub-husband. And, today, it’s going to be a game of dress up.Making a Maid out of Husband 52 300x169 - Making a Maid out of Husband

Pulling out a maid outfit, Valleycat has their husband dress. Not just in the outfit, but set off with some long white stockings, the tiniest of thongs, some heels (making him walk in them is hilarious!) and even a little hairpiece.

To really set things off though, and to put him to work – there’s both a feather duster gag and a toilet brush gag.

He is gagged with the feather duster gag and put to work after this makeover. Fun for Valleycat, humiliating for their husband.


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Foot Job Clean Up


Foot Job Clean Up 10 300x169 - Foot Job Clean UpI mean, of course there was going to be a catch.
When you do someone’s favourite things – in the wrong order.
Valleycat has fun exploiting their husbands foot fetish.

Foot Job – Check
Permission to Cum – Check
Foot Worship – Check… but… after soaked in cum

Valleycat laughs as their husband degrades himself eating his own cum, just to worship feet.

Certainly too much of a good thing isn’t always as good as it seems.


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Solovair Boots on the cockboard

Solovair Boots on the cockboard 03 300x300 - Solovair Boots on the cockboardWe held a vote to see which footwear Valleycat would trample their husband with in the cock board.

The Solovair Boots won.

Set off with fishnet tights, PVC skirt and crop top, the 240lb Giantess takes great delight in stomping their husbands cock against the CBT trample table.

There’s plenty more footwear to work through to pound that cock.


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