Heels that Can Pierce a Cock

CBT Tables can be cruel and unforgiving. As the foot pushes down, the cock is driven into the wood. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Miss Diana Von Rigg has leather boots with sharp, metal, heels.
It’s harsh enough going full weight with the toes, but going in with the heels will literally leave puncture wounds.

Miss Diana is merciless as she torments the cock. Using it literally to wipe the dirt from her boots.

But then, he must lick the cock filth from her boots. Cleaning the leather soles, and the metal heel.

But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Oh no. This is just the beginning.

Every time it feels like there is an ounce of mercy, there is another round of pain.

As a finale. Her boots are removed and he can worship and smell the stockings. The sweat built up from tormenting the cock.


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Nylon Feet on the Cock Board

Mx Valleycat has the cockboard out again. We know what this means. Valleycat is determined to test every piece of footwear on it.

Today it’s going to be their stocking feet. Squishing the cock of their husband onto the board under the stocking toes. Of course, as he can’t help but get erect, it only makes the trampling hurt more!


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Boots on the Cockboard with Mxtress Ava

There’s a clomp and a stomp as Mxtress Ava powers into the dungeon with their boots.

The sub is under the cockboard and is about to go through a round of torment as the cock is trodden, squashed and ground under the boots against the board.

Almost dancing at one point, tapdancing in boots, on a cock. Brilliant.


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Heels on the Cock Board

Valleycat has new shoes to show off. Complete with red bottoms. Their husband is in position underneath the cock board. Valleycat is going to Christen the heels by using the cock board to flatten and trample the cock. This includes flattening under the soles, and piercing under the heel.Heels on the Cock Board 15 300x169 - Heels on the Cock Board

There are both close ups of the torment, and views of how Valleycat towers in 6 foot of height.

The cock battered and broken is a sign the heels are broken in.


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Pedicured Feet on the Cock Table

Valleycat has a fresh pedicure and is going to use this to tease and torment their husband.Pedicured Feet on the Cock Table 29 300x169 - Pedicured Feet on the Cock Table

The cock gets hard just by the mere thought of the barefeet on them, let alone when they actually touch.

As Valleycat presses down on the erect cock with their size 8 feet, they even add to to tease talking through how an attractive young lady was playing with their feet, and their husband unable to see even if this is something he enjoys.

There is further teasing as the feet are dangled in front of his face, but he can’t reach due to being pinned under the cock board.

As Valleycat traps the cock between their feet, their husband cheekily tries humping their feet! Having fun with this, Valleycat uses this to deny and edge their husband as the cock is flattened and edged… and… denied.


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