Fucked in the Sink

Goddess Cleo has the sub in the kitchen.  She can and will fuck the subs anywhere anyhow.Fucked in the Sink Title Slide 300x169 - Fucked in the Sink

This one is fucked with his head in the sink, “you’re being sunk at both ends!” she jokes.

First time he’s ever fucked in the kitchen, so a virginity taken as the room is christened.


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Sofa Pegging

Goddess Cleo likes to use her sluts anywhere anyhow, so this one is taken into the sitting room and fucked over the sofa.Sofa Peggign Title 300x169 - Sofa Pegging

There’s moans and groans as she goes in deep into the sub right in the living area.

It’s a long cock so this one slides all the way in for a deep fucking.


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Fucked and Flushed in the Toilet

No room is off-limits to Goddess Cleo as she fucks this sub in the bathroom.Fucked and Flushed 63 300x169 - Fucked and Flushed in the Toilet

Of course, against the sink isn’t enough for her. To add to the humiliation, she has him fucked over the toilet.

However, what starts over the toilet, so becomes her fucking him with his right inside the toilet.  While she is deep in his arse with her dildo, his head is deep in the toilet.

In that sort of position, well, Goddess Cleo can flush him for a swirly.   And let the tank refill, to do it again.

Fucked and flushed indeed!


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Pegging in the Oven

Starting with having her sub suck her dildo, Goddess Cleo is getting ready for a special kitchen fucking.Pegging in the Oven 52 300x169 - Pegging in the Oven

The sub is fucked against the oven, so Goddess Cleo has an idea for a better angle.  She opens the oven and places him over and in it.

To add to the intensity, she turns on the oven… is it getting hot in here.

Will he be fucked before he’s baked?

Certainly, a fresh new angle. “Never mind a bun in the oven, I’ve got a slave in the oven!”


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