Femdom Taxi

It’s a taxi ride to remember.
This unknowing driver picks up Dominatrix Cate McQueen.
He notices her large stick (which is, of course, her cane) and she invites him into the back.

Cate starts to tease the nervous driver, as she puts her dildo into her harness and he says he can’t help but feel weak.
She shows off more of the items in her bag to further taunt the driver.

She then decides, the whole world is her dungeon – so she is now claiming this taxi. It’s now her own personal Femdom Taxi.

“I don’t feel I can say no to you,” he says nervously.

It’s not long before she has him bent over the passenger seat. There’s not much space in the back so she says he’s going to have to get her a bigger taxi!

She slaps him with a strap from her bag before declaring, “I’m going to take your anal virginity”

She them mounts and pegs him right in the back of, what was his, taxi.
“It’s yours Mistress,” he says as she vigorously fucks him. Rocking the whole vehicle. Probably disturbing the neighbourhood.

Making full use of the back, Cate sits down on one of the drop down seats and has the driver sit on her cock to ride her!
All the while he is repeating, “This is a Femdom Taxi now!”

As she rams him and spits on him, she tells him he is a full convert now – and to show it, he now has to suck the cock clean which has been rammed up his arse.
He is very quick to gobble it while she puts her heels up on her newly acquired taxi.


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