Ms Aleera – Dominant of the Week

This week’s Dominant of the Week is the Queen of Wolves herself, Ms Aleera.

The clips with her are some of the oldest we have filmed and for lovely reasons.

elecball4 300x169 - Ms Aleera - Dominant of the Week

She was very excited by our project, so became involved with footage we’d already shot together.

We had two filming days together. The very first had a loose theme around a silly sub who got into all sorts of predicaments to be taken advantage of.

The second was more all-round in terms of scenes.

But, they’re a few of our dungeon-based scenes.

There are more to come and, of course, we very much look forward to a time when we can work together again. Possibly even as part of her new productions.

You can see all the clips we’ve already put out together here

Her links

She Wolfae Production Company
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aleera 300x300 - Ms Aleera - Dominant of the Week

New Rock Boots Trampling with Ms Aleera

new rock trample 3 300x169 - New Rock Boots Trampling with Ms AleeraMistress Aleera just can’t resist walking all over her slave today.

She is stunning in her shiny latex and the slave is left breathless in more ways than one; by both her beauty and the crush under her boots!

She is wearing heavy, chunky, New Rock boots with metallic heels. The slave struggles as she tramples all over him. She crushes his cock beneath her boot.


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Using you as a human spittoon

spitoon 300x169 - Using you as a human spittoonWhen Ms Aleera finds her slave tangled in wrap – and – well – with a conveniently placed medical gag… she’s going to have fun making use of him.

She’s going to use him as a human spittoon. She spits straight into that stupid mouth of his. The medical gag leave his mouth wedged open and unable to escape.

There’s even slow motion replays as the saliva trickles into his gaping mouth.


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Electric Ball Torture – Electric CBT

elecball4 300x169 - Electric Ball Torture - Electric CBTMistress Aleera is meeting a new slave for some electric CBT.

Finding him ready and restrained in a cage – she takes great delight in attaching metal ball weights to him – and an electric circuit.

She has great pleasure playing with the electrics – giving him pain and making him squirm and squeal.

She also has good access to be able to kick and add weight to the ball weight – giving extra pressure.

This is a multi-camera clip including a ball cam!  So there’s close up action as the weight swings and applies pain.


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