Tantric Edging

With their husband strapped to the cross, Mxtress Valleycat is going to have some fun teasing and edging.

They’ve been learning a more… tantric… trick when it comes to hand jobs which is going to drive the cock wild during the edging.

Will the cycle complete for a big orgasm, or will it just be frustration..? There’s certainly going to be a cum eating penalty if there is an uncontrolled ejaculation.

Each time there is a stroking countdown driving things crazier and crazier, it is an inevitable cummy mess.


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Mean Nail Handjob

Mean Nail Handjob 15 300x169 - Mean Nail HandjobWhen Valleycat offered their husband a handjob, this wasn’t what he had in mind.

Valleycat shows of their long nails, while the husband is below the trample table.

Pulling the cock through the trample table, there’s then lots of teasing and edging of the cock – with the long, sharp, nails digging into the foreskin as the cock is masturbated.

There is an orgasm, but it is certainly painful.

Filmed using two angles – with lots of close ups of nails, cock and cumshot.


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