Tickled and Trampled by Devon Breeze and Princess Organa

devon breeze princess organa tickled and trampledDevon Breeze and Princess Organa have a sub here they’ve been enjoying tormenting. He looks like a lot of fun for trampling so the two stunning Goddesses take great pleasure in bouncing on him, as he takes their weight. Suffering under their beautiful feet.

The two ladies get very excited in the fun – and as well as also teasing and tormenting him with some facesitting; they find a tickling weakness.
Princess Organa tickles his feet whilst Devon bounces on his chest under the vibrations! Tickled AND trampled – what an experience!

They’re having such a lot of fun as he suffers.


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Teased and Tormented on the St Andrews Cross

princess dahlia tormented on the st andrews crossPrincess Dahlia visits her slave who is restrained on the St Andrews Cross.

She’s decided to do some sensation play… while luring him into a false sense of security with some light feathers, this is followed up with a sharp flogging.

As always, it’s on her terms. She has great fun with nipple clamps, and with a sharp blade. She also makes use of his legs spread with the occasional but swift knee to the balls.

They’re probably still a bit damaged from the last time…


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Face Slapping you until you confess

princess dahlia face slappingPrincess Dahlia‘s sub is being ignored and doesn’t like it. He pleads for her attention.
However, the attention he is given is merely more than face slapping, or twists to the nipples.

He has been breaking her rules, she knows it, and is not giving him any form of attention until he confesses.

However, the more he confesses his crimes – the worse the slapping and punishment gets.


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