Leather Gloves Orgasm

Shot Vertically
In previous parts, Goddess Meg has been trampling, teasing, spanking and pegging her sub in the boiler room. Now the young, tattooed, Domme is going for a big finish.
Initially teasing via pinwheel, she then clamps on nipple clamps.

She slips on leather gloves and begins teasing and edging the cock of her sub. She even brings out a vibrator for extra sensation.

While the sub does miss the initial cum countdown, he is permitted to finish by hand in exchange for cleaning up the cum from Meg’s gloves.


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Doubly Sweaty Stockings

There’s a very sweaty stocking surprise.
Mxtress Valleycat has been spending all day with Mxtress Ava, Mxtress Ava had needed to borrow some stockings.
After finished, they returned the sweaty stockings to Valleycat, who has now put them on and added their own sweat.

So, as Valleycat has their husband sniff, kiss and worship the stockings – there is the sweat of two people to inhale.

The feet are visibly sweaty and dirty.

Valleycat playfully teases and traps their husband under their arse, face first in the sweated stockings.


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Appreciate and Worship Our Nylons

Rosarosebud is with Mx Valleycat. Rosa has a ladder in their tights, something that happened during facesitting with the sub!

So, there needs to be some form of punishment. Even if this doesn’t seem like one.

He is going to worship along Rosa’s pantyhose, apologies in kisses and worship, it then does seem to be a good time to have him sniff and worship both Dominants.

Valleycat is in stockings, and Rosa in pantyhose.

Put to work worshipping the nylon legs and feet of both Dominants. Really showing appreciation for the clothing.


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Nylon Foot Edging To Orgasm

Mx Valleycat and Rosarosebud are both in nylons. Valleycat in stockings and Rosa in pantyhose.
It’s sweaty nylons they’ve been in all day, and they’re going to tease the sub.

Both with sweaty nylon feet in face, and on the cock. Teasing with an edging footjob.

After 10 minutes of edging with the stockings, permission is given for a release – causing a large thick load to shoot onto the sheer nylon feet of Rosa.


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Edging Her Plaything

The sub is tied to the bench, strapped in, hands tied.Edging Her Plaything 074 300x169 - Edging Her Plaything

Anything could happen.

Echo Evangelista reaches for the cock with plenty of lube and starts to tease the cock to erection.

There is an instruction to inform Echo if he gets close.  She takes great delight teasing from the shaft to the tip.

She wants him to enjoy, this is meant to be a treat, despite the bondage!

As instructed, once he is close the torment can begin – getting the cock very sensitive, a pleasure overload!

And then… stop.  Just when it’s close.

And then… resume.

Echo states how much she enjoys the moans and groans as he gets into this… before each cruel stop.

And then… to end, Echo decides on a biiiiig finish.   There’s thick sloppy cum oozes out the cock and yep, she scoops handfuls straight into his mouth for recycling.

And then, having had fun with her plaything, Echo leaves him in the mess.


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Office Fling – Edged to Finish

After a trip to a work conference ended up in an unexpected night of kink, it’s time to finish the job.edging2 300x169 - Office Fling - Edged to Finish

Goddexx Althea has their colleague on the bed and is now edging him to release.

As he gets closer and closer and more excited… well, perhaps a hint of who is running the show here as the orgasm is ruined.


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