Testing their Pain

Miss Jessica Hyde and Foxtress want to check the subs pain levels.

The three boys are lined up ready for the inspection.

To begin simply it is a simple numbers test which is often common when trying out new play partners.
So a spank on each and a rating out of 10 of how much they felt it.

This gives the Mistresses and idea of what the boys can take in order to find a good level.

Of course, when you have an idea where the pain tolerance is, this is something which can be worked on and built up.

While it starts with spanking, it moves to a flogger, a crop and a strap.

When it of course starts with 5s and 6s, the idea is to move up to 8s and 9s.

Foxtress gets out the Lego paddle – this is a harsh implement which is designed to push the boys levels.
What starts as a simple pain test ends in a round beating, leaving the boys very red, battered and bruised.

Still. Now the ladies have their levels, they can crank it up next time. For one, that will be very soon.


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