Tickled by the Teachers

It’s time for the dreaded uniform check with Miss Cate and Mx Valleycat, the school’s strict teachers. As the students line up and present themselves for inspection, it becomes clear that most have met the standard. However, one student catches the teachers’ attention for all the wrong reasons. He stands before them wearing shorts that are far too short for school standards and his socks are mismatched and pulled up in a way that seems almost intentional.
The teachers are left wondering what could possibly be going through this student’s mind. They decide to take action, and call him over to the desk. Without hesitation, they pull him over the desk, yanking off his socks and shoes in one swift motion. They have decided to administer a tickling punishment as they believe he is very ticklish. As they begin tickling his bare feet, the student writhes and squirms, laughing uncontrollably as his ticklishness is mercilessly exploited by the teachers.

No part is safe as they move on to tickle around his body and find other spots to tickle!


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