Toilet Pervert Used as a Toilet

Miss Anna rushed desperate for the toilet.

When she gets into the cubicle she turns around and notices that someone is watching her!

After he admits he was going to watch her, Miss Anna decides if he likes to watch, he can have a close up!

She has him lay down, and drops her underwear.
She gags him with her underwear before squatting down to release all over his body and cock.

Miss Anna can control her stream so every time he thinks she’s finished there is a surprise burst of more.

Mind – he seems to enjoy this more than she imagined!


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Caned for Snoozing in Detention

After school detention again. This boy hasn’t been focusing, hasn’t been reading the book, so he’s in Miss Anna’s detention to read it in his own time.

Miss Anna turns her back to write on the blackboard and find he’s snoozing in detention! The cheek!

After catching him snoozing a THIRD time – Miss Anna has means to make sure he’s alert, awake and paying attention.

Pants down, over the desk. An old school caning.

Strike after strike will hopefully keep him awake and keep him being a good boy in class.

Though the smile on Miss Anna’s face as we cut away, suggests she may well enjoy finding reasons for more discipline.


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Leather Mistress’ Workshop Pegging

The slave is working away in the workplace, as Miss Anna walks in in full leathers.leather mistress workshop pegging title slide 300x169 - Leather Mistress' Workshop Pegging

She starts to bind his arms as she explains she knows what he’s been up to when he’s supposed to be working.

Miss Anna bends him over a pile of bags as she lubes up her pink dildo.

She slides the dildo in and pegs the slave right over bags of dry wall adhesive.

After she is satisfied and the arse is warmed up, she returns with a larger dildo to take this the next level up.
A lucky anal slut.

Miss Anna takes a seat on a workbench, she slips off her leather jacket and has the slave come to ride on her dildo.

To finish, she returns to him bent over, this time over the work bench as she slides in for the last round of pegging.


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Filthy Boots for a Filthy Mind

Miss Anna has a slave to inspect.filthy boots title slide 300x169 - Filthy Boots for a Filthy Mind
He has missed her boots. Which is apt, because they’re filthy – just like his mind.

So although this is boot worship, it is also a punishment. To clean the filth from her boots.

She sits down and calls over the boot slave, he can then slowly start to clean the dirt from her leather thigh high boots.
But only after he has begged for it.

Although he does need a lot of correction. Instructed to give a kiss, he gives two!

Miss Anna loves to tease with her boots, she adds a lot of spit for him to clean off – it’s almost like supplying the shine.

As he cleans and worships the boots, she finishes with having him gag on her long leather boots.


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