Harsh CBT Orgasm

The sub is ready blindfolded, cuffed and gagged.
Miss Diana Von Rigg clips on some nipple clamps for extra sensation and pain. But it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

A crown of thorns. This cruel implement is clamped around the balls, pulling in every direction at the same time.

A pinwheel is run across the cock. Tiny spikes adding sensation.
But then, a Kali’s Teeth device is clamped around the cock. Much bigger spikes adding to the pain.

Miss Diana runs her fingers on the cock. Teasing. An erection slowly mounts, the bigger the cock gets the more the pain is going to grow.

And then, there’s one more thing to add. A slubb.
As vibrators go, this is a power tool. It causes the erection to rise, pushing spikes into the cock.

There is then a helpless trickle of cum. Oh dear. That doesn’t mean that Miss Diana is going to stop, no? The slubb is simply turned up for intense post orgasm torment.

She tries to get one more orgasm out of him, but there is no more orgasms – only pain.

And so, there is just one more piece to finish this. As she turns off the slubb, removes the chastity, unties the rope – he’s to go on his hands and knees, and be kicked in the balls.

Post orgasm torment seldom gets so intense.



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