Edging, CBT and a Ruined Orgasm

Goddess Rachie walks in, she has her submissive neighbour cuffed to a cross and hooded so he cannot see what is about to happen.


The flick of floggers against his cock.  But then also the strokes from her hand.

She keeps his cock teased to keep it erect so that it hurts more when she flicks, flogs and squeezes it.

All the while he is getting closer to orgasm and associating pain with arousal.


As he gets closer and closer it’s easy to ask if all the pain is worth it for the explosive orgasm at the end, but, alas – with some simple timing he is left with just an embarrassing trickle on the floor.

A ruined orgasm.

But that doesn’t mean the flogging stopped.


Frustrating and teasing, and he can’t even see the beautiful girl at his cock.  Unlucky.


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Blow Job with CBT Twist

Sometimes worlds kind of collide.  Rachie Baby is the emo neighbour and of course, when invited in for some blindfold and light bondage, who’d say no?Blow Job with CBT Twist 048 300x169 - Blow Job with CBT Twist

He is chained to the bed and Rachie slips on the blindfold, just to keep things a surprise.   She starts to get him hard via a sensual handjob.

But then there’s a twist.  She grabs a pin wheel and runs it against his erect cock.   She continues to do this while also giving a blow job.  A mix of pleasure and pain for the bound neighbour, but the more erect he gets from the pleasure, the more it hurts as she gets more implements.

A paddle. A flogger. Even her hands. All used to cause pain to the hard cock.

And of course, the sensations becomes too much and he cums.  Does this mean the flogging to the cock will stop? The paddling? Or even the hand job?

No, not at all.  The now very sensitive cock is continued to be tormented and stimulated despite having ejaculated.

This was never just going to be straight forward, was it?

As she leaves him in a cummy mess, this is just the first in the new series as emo girl Rachie Baby turns her neighbour into her slave.


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Premature Ejaculator Receives Post Orgasm Electrics

Miss Jessica Hyde has a new slave, and he’s never done E-Stim before. Premature Ejaculator Receives Post Orgasm Electrics 19 300x169 - Premature Ejaculator Receives Post Orgasm Electrics

The idea of course was to do a quick behind the scenes clip introducing him to E-Stim in preparation for another clip.

Sometimes things align so beautifully. Miss Jessica is attaching the E-stim and… he ejaculates! 45 seconds into the clip. The slightest touch to the cock causes him to prematurely ejaculate everywhere.

The other subs, off camera, cannot help contain their laughter at him. You know you’re in trouble when the other subs are laughing!

Because, what was going to be an introduction to E-stim, is now becoming a post orgasm torment scene!

Miss Jessica isn’t going to take things any easier as she plays with the controls, turning the dials and frazzling his sensitive cock!


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The Silent Treatment : Edging and Post Orgasm Torture

After being spanking, teased, tickled and subject to CBT – Silent (Mistress Ariande) has one last bout of torment.TST Edging and Post Orgasm Torment 75 300x169 - The Silent Treatment : Edging and Post Orgasm Torture

With her partner tied back to the bed, she returns to tease and edge the cock.
She moves through different pairs of rubber gloves, with different sensations, each pair harsher than the previous.

As he gets closer and close, after being denied again and again – he asks for permission to cum.
Surprisingly(?) Silent breaks her silence to say, “granted” – however, after the ejaculation occurs – she goes back to edging and teasing, setting up for agonising post orgasm torment!

As he screams from how sensitive, at the end of this ordeal, there is a lesson in here somewhere.


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Extreme Edging : Fight the Orgasm

Orgasm are nice, right? And while edging can be frustrating – it ends with a big bang, right?EDGING 152 300x169 - Extreme Edging : Fight the Orgasm
Not if Miss Diana Von Rigg and Miss Lady Louisa have anything to do with it…

Armed with a Slubb – the sub is strapped to a cross. Being teased by two beautiful Goddesses is going to have no problem in getting the sub hard and ready to frustrate with the Slubb.

The device is an intense masturbator – it edges furiously with little effort on the ladies part, they can only laugh as the sub winces and moans at how much it is. Whenever it feels like there’s any respite, they turn it up again.

The sub is told to resist the orgasm, but it is too much – and when he can take it no more, he asks for release…
So, this is granted – the most pathetic trickle of a ruined orgasm you’ve maybe ever seen. And, while the release was granted, it doesn’t mean the torment stops! The Slubb goes back on!
Painful and frustrating post orgasm torment… with the mess of spit and lube that drips down it’s hard to tell if there’s any more cum trickling out – all that is clear is what a mess the sub is.

When he is eventually let down, he is weak, his legs are weak. So he is slumped on the floor – where his face is wiped into the mess of cum, lube and spit.



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