A Pegging Threesome To Remember

“You always wanted a threesome!” jokes Valleycat to their husband. They are with Lady Valeska and each has a very special dildo.

Lady Valeska has the long blue stretching dildo, and Valleycat a red Lady Bosom style dildo with ever increasing bead sizes.

They also have a vibrator to tease their cock as they go. And plenty of other means to tease and cause pain! From nipple tweaks to nail teases – it’s a sensation overload in this double pegging.


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Stretching the Arse on the Sling

Starting large for a first time.  This is a sub which Lady Valeska has never pegged before, so has a long asshole stretching dildo that is going to open things right up quickly.Stretching the Arsehole on the Sling 055 300x169 - Stretching the Arse on the Sling

With the sub on the sling, Lady Valeska quickly goes in back and forth, each time getting deeper and deeper.

The momentum of the sling means there are even times she doesn’t have to do much work, the sub swinging backwards and forwards onto the cock as more and more goes in each time.


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