School Room Spit Roast

Called into the school room, Goth bullies Mxtress Valleycat and Mxtress Ava are going to spitroast this swot (I mean, he’s in school uniform and everything!)

Nearly 30 minutes of action as they both have a go for some fucking and sucking!


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After Party Slut – Gimp Gets Roasted

Cate McQueen and Rosarosebud have been to a party. They’ve brought a gimp back and locked him in a cage.
They’re not yet ready for bed so are going to make use of the gimp for their entertainment.

The first thing they need to do is to try to remember which key is which!

Slowly unlocking him they tease and slap him.

When he is released, he can kiss and worship Cate’s heels and Rosa’s big purple boots.

After some shoe worship, they decide to stretch his mouth. Rosa pushes her fingers into his mouth, while Cate is tempted to go straight in with some facefucking.

But this is just warming up the mouth for the next round.

Now that the mouth has been put to work on shoes and boots – the ladies want their strap ons sucked.
He starts gobbling on Rosa’s long purple cock, the ladies just talk while he does this. Some sensual strap on sucking – before it’s ramped up for some deep throat fucking.

Then of course it’s Cate’s turned for hers sucked – Rosa states she enjoys watching how deep he takes the cock in his mouth.

Now we’re getting to the main course.
As he unzips and shows off his arse he sits down on Cate McQueen’s cock. He then bounces and rides, so she doesn’t have to do any work just now.

Once Cate has had enough he then jumps up to ride Rosa’s cock.

Once Rosa has had enough, they have him on the floor – they’re going to spit roast him on the rug.

Firstly, Cate climbs on from behind and takes and fucks him as she rides.
Then it’s Rosa’s turn to have a ride. She climbs on and fucks

And then it’s time for the big finish. Cate climbs on from behind again while Rosa facefucks him with her dildo.

With the gimp now well fucked, there’s only one thing left to do…
Lock him up back in the cage while they go to bed!


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