The Beating Continues

foxy impact3 2 300x258 - The Beating ContinuesIt’s the 3rd part of the beating with Foxtress

After a barehand spanking, flogging and some drumming with wooden spoons (see part 1) she unleashed a caning which included hitting him with a flagpole (see part 2)

Now, in the final beatdown…
She starts with 6, of each side, from a double sided paddle – striking the already battered bum.

She moves on to a barehanded spanking, before a string of everything she can get hold of.

From wooden tubes, to paddles, to straps.

There’s no let up in the final 10 minutes.


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Breaking your balls stops you thinking with them

breakingballs2 300x169 - Breaking your balls stops you thinking with themPrincess Dahlia‘s sub had recently admitted to cheating on her. There’s a way she’s going to stop him thinking with his balls… she’s going to break them. Breaking balls is something she’s good at!

She starts by thrashing his balls with a crop, keeping the useless penis out the way as it’s pinned and squashed under her foot.

She continues with a nasty knotted rope – before upping the ante with some clothes pegs to the ballsack… and then resuming the cropping.

He writhes in pain at this cruel but necessary punishment. He won’t be forgetting who his cock belongs to anytime soon.

As a final reminder, she encases the cock and balls with hot wax – before, again, returning to the cropping.

He’ll be thinking twice in future.


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Showing off flogging skills with Sir Claire Black

sirclaire flogging 2 300x222 - Showing off flogging skills with Sir Claire BlackWith her slave suspended in the dungeon, Sir Claire wants to demonstrate her flogging.

He will make the perfect mat.

A few strikes to gently tease and warm up – this soon builds up to a flogging in each hand gaining momentum against the flesh.

A largely silent clip – there are just the moans of the slave. Sometimes the strikes feel nice, like it’s a good rhythm, but just as he starts to enjoy, a fierce strike comes down.

She likes to embrace a sensual side also, running her fingers and stroking the hot skin – before returning to do some damage.

The back, the bum and the chest all receive a good flogging.


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Now it’s time for my fun – hurting you

foxy impact3 1 268x300 - Now it's time for my fun - hurting youFoxtress has been having a fun day with her slave so far today.  But, while she’s been building up a little bit of a sweat, a lot of the things she’d picked to do have been things he likes.

So, now it’s time for her fun.   Hurting the slave.

She’s been admiring the peachy bum all day just waiting to do damage.

Starting with a bare hand spanking, it comes up a blushing red quickly!  She also tries to look for his tickle spots with her nails, as she loves tickle torture!  She really is in her element already.

After the barehand, she grabs a flogger so she can really go to work – she moves through to another flogger – and then brings out some wooden spoons…

By the end of the 15 minutes, he’s gone a nice shade of red – but this is only the warm up – there’s more to come later!


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A Correctional Flogging

dahlia flogging3 300x169 - A Correctional FloggingStarring Princess Dahlia

Nephew has been doing his duties, but today he hadn’t quite finished when Auntie returned with a gentleman friend.

This is not acceptable.

Sent to the dungeon until ready to be disciplined, Auntie takes great delight in beating him with a carpet beater and then unleashing a hard flogging

Nephew needs to learn there are rules in the house – and he is learning things the hard way.  Perhaps this will steady him for better standards to her rules


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