Latex Stockings and Foot Worship

Divine Domino shows off her latex stockings.

She invites the sub in for worship. Before he starts work on the stockings, he must first lick into the toe cleavage.

From there, it is a case of sensually licking and worshipping the transparent latex stockings.

Dropping the Louboutin, Divine Domino shows off her feet. Sweated from the shoes and the latex stockings.

She wiggles her toes seductively, before inviting the sub over to kiss, suck and worship them

Alternating between feet and stockings, there is some ass worship before he is laid on the floor to be smothered by the beautiful feet on his face.
With plenty more sucking and worship of the divine feet.


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Fuck My Feet – Then Clean Up

Good subs get rewards.
The reward today is release.

Of course, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch.

The release can only be done via Divine Domino‘s feet.

At least, that’s one of the catches.

Starting by teasing with her feet, the sub soon gets hard. It does feel like she is doing all the work so he is literally instructed to fuck her feet.

As he gets close, Divine Domino permits him to finish by hand, reminding him of how much he wants her feet.

The result is explosive. Cum oozing and dripping from her feet.

And this is where catch 2 comes into play.
Recycle. Clean up. He must slurp up the cum from her feet. He retches at the taste but does the job of living the feet as clean as he found them.


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Louboutin and Stocking Trampling

The scene begins with Divine Domino teasing the skin of her sub with the sharp heels of her Louboutins.
As she teases and plays at first, this is merely a warm up for the intensity that follows.

She steps up, using a bar for leverage and applies full weight trampling. It’s agony as the heels dig in deep.

Divine Domino kicks off the heels to trample and tease in her stockings – the stocking feet offer no leniency in this harsh trampling.


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Divine Domino destroys Pink Panty Weakling

This is a terrible start.
The sub has come for wrestling with Divine Domino. And couldn’t find his shorts!

So, you know how it is – don’t have sports kit, do it underwear. In this case, awful pink panties.

Domino can’t help but wedgie and spank him, and this is before we even get to the wrestling!

The sub is as wimpy as the pink panties suggest, and he very quickly finds himself in a headlock.

As he attempts to move round, he is quickly pulled back into an armbar, followed by a sleeper.

The feeling of defeat and deflation comes quickly, and this is just 2 minutes into 20 minutes of torment!

Rolling him round like a rag doll, there’s plenty more facesitting, headscissors and many more holds, Domino even using advantage to further wedgie and torment the bright pink pants.

She even has time to showboat and mock as she bounces on his face.

As Divine Domino has built up a sweat, she does have him lick up the sweat from her armpits, before luring back into a wedgie and spank.


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