Toilet Pervert Used as a Toilet

Miss Anna rushed desperate for the toilet.

When she gets into the cubicle she turns around and notices that someone is watching her!

After he admits he was going to watch her, Miss Anna decides if he likes to watch, he can have a close up!

She has him lay down, and drops her underwear.
She gags him with her underwear before squatting down to release all over his body and cock.

Miss Anna can control her stream so every time he thinks she’s finished there is a surprise burst of more.

Mind – he seems to enjoy this more than she imagined!


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Dirty Toilet Piss Slut

Sub JayJay doesn’t get off to a good start – he’s got so many Mistresses on his mind he calls Rosarosebud the wrong name!dirty toilet title slide - Dirty Toilet Piss Slut

They’re in a very dirty grimy toilet – and Rosa is going to piss on him on the floor.

She pisses directly onto his cock. So much piss!

JayJay is in his element.  Although this is just the beginning.

Rosa takes off her boots while telling him how much she loves pissing on cocks.  She then rubs her feet into his cock and rubs her feet right in the piss.

JayJay is also into feet, so, he is going to clean the piss from her sweaty feet.

Sucking piss from her toes.


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