Teased by the Bosses Fishnets

Miss Anna waits in her office, adjusting her heels on her fishnet feet.

There’s a knock on the door, it’s JayJay, he has no idea why he’s been called into his bosses office.

He’s been watching porn in the office.
Not just any porn, fetish porn. He’s also been wanking in the office.

He was hoping Miss Anna wouldn’t find out, but she always find out.

So, if he wants to escape discipline, he’s going to have to do whatever Miss Anna says.

He is instructed to kneel and is teased by her heels and fishnets. He is then told to stand, and get naked to amuse his boss.

Dropping his pants, Miss Anna is amused by his pants with a dick pocket. She has him spread his legs so she can kick his cock and balls.

She places her feet on the table, and instructs JayJay to remove her heels. She has him smell the first heel, then the second, before teasing him with her fishnet feet.

Rubbing them on his chest and face and having him suck her fishnet feet.

She moves onto his cock, teasing his cock with a fishnet footjob.
No release, as he’s teased with her fishnets to keep his job.

Still, he’ll be called in for more overtime yet.


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