Edging, CBT and a Ruined Orgasm

Goddess Rachie walks in, she has her submissive neighbour cuffed to a cross and hooded so he cannot see what is about to happen.


The flick of floggers against his cock.  But then also the strokes from her hand.

She keeps his cock teased to keep it erect so that it hurts more when she flicks, flogs and squeezes it.

All the while he is getting closer to orgasm and associating pain with arousal.


As he gets closer and closer it’s easy to ask if all the pain is worth it for the explosive orgasm at the end, but, alas – with some simple timing he is left with just an embarrassing trickle on the floor.

A ruined orgasm.

But that doesn’t mean the flogging stopped.


Frustrating and teasing, and he can’t even see the beautiful girl at his cock.  Unlucky.


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Foot Loving From Neighbour

RachieBaby is sat in her PVC dress, wiggling her bare feet. Foot Loving Slide 300x169 - Foot Loving From Neighbour

She wants some extended foot loving from her submissive neighbour.

He starts by massaging her feet, before being instructed to kiss her petite, size 4, feet and toes.

He is the instructed to place her boots on her feet and worship those before sent back to the corner.


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Pegged and Spanked by Emo Neighbour

Many people might have fantasised about fucking their younger emo neighbour, for this old sub it’s about to come true.Pegged and Spanked by Emo Neighbour 007 300x169 - Pegged and Spanked by Emo Neighbour

Rachie Baby lubes up her dildo and fucks him over the bed.  There’s a few cheeky spanks as he whines under her cock.

When she pulls out, he might think it’s all over, but instead she grabs a paddle, and flogger, and spanks his fucked ass.


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Her Ballbusting Fantasy

There is an important thing to remember when you say you want to make someone’s fantasies come true.Her Ballbusting Fantasy 029 300x169 - Her Ballbusting Fantasy

I mean, just reading Rachie Baby‘s fetlife profile will tell you, her fantasy is to ballbust a guy and then have him worship the feet that did him damage.

And so, today is a fantasy come true for her, as she boots him in the balls repeatedly with giant platform boots, then has him kiss the boots.

Of course, this has worked up a sweat, so she has him slip off the boots and kiss and worship her now sweaty, size 4, feet.


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Blow Job with CBT Twist

Sometimes worlds kind of collide.  Rachie Baby is the emo neighbour and of course, when invited in for some blindfold and light bondage, who’d say no?Blow Job with CBT Twist 048 300x169 - Blow Job with CBT Twist

He is chained to the bed and Rachie slips on the blindfold, just to keep things a surprise.   She starts to get him hard via a sensual handjob.

But then there’s a twist.  She grabs a pin wheel and runs it against his erect cock.   She continues to do this while also giving a blow job.  A mix of pleasure and pain for the bound neighbour, but the more erect he gets from the pleasure, the more it hurts as she gets more implements.

A paddle. A flogger. Even her hands. All used to cause pain to the hard cock.

And of course, the sensations becomes too much and he cums.  Does this mean the flogging to the cock will stop? The paddling? Or even the hand job?

No, not at all.  The now very sensitive cock is continued to be tormented and stimulated despite having ejaculated.

This was never just going to be straight forward, was it?

As she leaves him in a cummy mess, this is just the first in the new series as emo girl Rachie Baby turns her neighbour into her slave.


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